The interior design in the world of accommodation: what are travelers, who seek a true home away from home, looking for?

Design is called to a new task: to respond to the requirements of the sector of serviced apartments, which require a marriage between functionality and experience.

Living like a local, a total freedom from schedules, spaces to share: these are the reasons that explain the growing number of travelers that choose an apartment as an accommodation for their trips. A trend that is greatly influencing the world of design, which is called to respond to the needs of this alternative type of lodging.

Halldis, an international manager of apartments, will be a partner in the exhibition Heart’s Serviced Apartments, in which the architect Simone Micheli will recreate 4 typologies of apartments: the art, the business, the sea, and the mountain. The interior design is called to furnish these provisional living solutions with functionality in mind, but without disregarding the dream and authenticity aspects that those seeking a home away from home wish to enjoy.

Halldis and the show are part of the offer by the Copernico partner group, which has thought about those who need a working space during the Design Week. With the Membership Card, they can work and have lunch in the Copernico workspaces (in the Brera, Tortona and Centrale districts) and enjoy a number of exclusive events and services.

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