At the DDN PHUTURA event during Milan Design Week, CRIPPACONCEPT, the leading Italian manufacturer of glamourous mobile homes and lodge tents, has created a unique glamping area in the shadow of the Castello Sforzesco in the heart of Milan, to present the future of the design, sustainability and economy of "luxury open to all" outdoor holidays.

For the first time, CRIPPACONCEPT,the leading Italian manufacturer of mobile homes and lodge tents for the glamping tourism (glamour + camping) sector, is taking part in the Milan Design Week (from 9 to 14 April 2019).


CRIPPACONCEPT has created a glamping tourism experience in the shadow of the symbol of the city, to showcase the present and the future of the luxury outdoor holiday sector by presenting its "Nuovi Sogni" at the DDN PHUTURA event, in front of Milan’s Castello Sforzesco.


The "Nuovi Sogni" is an initiative by CRIPPACONCEPT to give the 500,000+ visitors expected to Milan Design Week an opportunity to reflect on the present and future design, architecture and landscape of outdoor tourism, and learn about an alternative type of holiday in the open air, for couples and families, without giving up comfort, style and five-star services.



CRIPPACONCEPT has created a spectacular glamping area with two masterpieces from its range: the Queenslander mobile home, designed by the Milan architect, Luca Colombo, and its A-Luxury Lodge, an imposing lodge tent on two levels, designed by the architect Roberto Perego.


The CRIPPACONCEPT Queenslander mobile home is inspired by nautical design, with an external cladding in zinc-copper-titanium metal slats and an interior reminiscent of the lower deck of the most luxurious yachts with wall paneling and natural ecru cotton fabrics.


The A-Luxury Lodge is an exclusive glamping tent on two floors, with two bedrooms, a private bathroom, a kitchen and a large lounge area that extends outside.


Describing the first glamping experience ever created during the Milan Design Week, Sergio Redaelli, CEO of CRIPPACONCEPT said: "Our glamping experience at Milan Design Week is not an exercise in design by itself, but a demonstration of successful accommodation facilities already present in many Italian and Croatian villages and campsites” .


Sergio Redaelli, AD at CRIPPACONCEPT commented: “We want visitors to Milan Design Week to experience this highly-developed hospitality formula, and our committment to making living architecture evolve so it blends in to the landscape and environmental context. We pay particular attention to sustainability and design, and guarantee a wellness experience that is already a reality and truly open to all”.


According to data from Faita, the association of tourist accommodation companies in the open air, there are 2650 campsites and villages in Italy that recorded almost 70 million visitors in 2018, creating a turnover of almost €4billion. About 50 percent of stays were in mobile homes or bungalows. The appearance of new types of mobile homes, such as those of CRIPPACONCEPT has helped to increase the number of foreign tourists, attracted by the glamping holiday concept that has so popular around the world.


CRIPPACONCEPT, a brand of the company Crippacampeggio srl, has been active in the camping sector since 1967 and today boasts an annual turnover of over €50 million. It has 300 employees distributed between the offices of Carate Brianza, Torre d'Isola (PV), San Giustino (PG), Višnjan and Poreč in Croatia.


At the Milan Design Week, there are also some partners who work with CRIPPACONCEPT every day in the outdoor sector: the world of university research with the Department of Civil Engineering-Architecture of the University of Pavia and the international partners of the Co-evolve project funded within the European Interreg MED program; architectural design by the voice of Arch. Luca Colombo and the architect Roberto Perego; MET Bocconti; the Outdoor Tourism Observatory signed by Human Company, Club del Sole, Vacanze di Charme, Baia Holiday, Vacanze col Cuore, Dream & Charme.




The Queenslander mobile home is made of innovative and highly sought-after materials. An aesthetic and technical quality that involves every detail of furniture and installations. This is also the case for the partner of the New Dreams initiative: MAGNIFLEX who has supplied the mattresses for the beds of CRIPPACONCEPT mobile homes.


MAGNIFLEX is an Italian brand with over 50 years of experience, and thanks to continuous investments in innovation, design and development of advanced production systems, is today synonymous with sleep comfort and well-being.




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Luca Colombo
Roberto Perego

Designers: Luca ColomboRoberto Perego





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