#Gilcodesign: the Gilco armchair-bed and the new MS Light bike

The Gilco armchair-bed, presented at Design Week 2019 by Plinio il Giovane, is the first prototype of a new collection of furniture in "competition steel tubes", conceived and built on Gilcodesign philosophy: technological innovation, lightness, beauty.

This armchair-bed, built by Plinio il Giovane on an original project from 1952, will be presented at the Parenti District Art & Design along with a revamped and lighter edition of the MS bicycle, also designed and patented by Gilberto Colombo. In 1947 Colombo created Gilco, the brand celebrated by all car, sailing and racing bike enthusiasts. With this historic brand Colombo went on to design and produce the most innovative sports car frames of his time as well as Star-class sailboats and, since the 1980s, focused on projects for the most prestigious bicycle manufacturers. Gilco has always been guided by his motto: a tube will never let you down. Especially when it’s the special steel tube designed and built by Gilco for the most extreme applications.


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Plinio il Giovane

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Gilberto Colombo

Designers: Gilberto Colombo


Studio architettura Marco Colombo e Serena Omodeo-Salè +39 02 29523200 info@architetturastudio.it

Plinio il Giovane +39 02 55190210 press@plinioilgiovane.it

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Exhibition - Mario Prandina, Serena Omodeo-Salè e Marco Colombo present the Gilco armchair-bed, the first prototype of a new collection of furniture in "competition steel tubes", by Gilcodesign
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