The new EXTO furniture in The Secret Place of Design installation

EXTO, the brand that debuted during the 2018 off-Salone, presents its second collection of fine design furniture, made by the best craftmen of Brianza

The EXTO brand was born in 2018 from an intuition by Andrea Galimberti, since always in the world of furniture and a passionate connoisseur of design, but also from an immense heritage of knowledge on working techniques and on the most diverse materials, owned by the masters artisans of Brianza engaged in the making of EXTO furniture.

Its catalogue expresses a perfect balance between taste and research, experimentation and expertise. Prominent designers and artists season this substantial mix with spicy ideas, which go beyond the "beautiful piece of furniture" and the "beautiful furnishing complement" of fine craftsmanship.

The metals can also be bronzed or finished in pure gold, the leather and the parchment flank the different essences with a ruthlessness never out of tune.

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Brands: Exto


Aldo Bakker
Sam Baron
Paolo Cappello
Lorenzo Damiani
David Ericsson
Constance Guisset
Francesca Lanzavecchia
Vito Nesta
Kiki van Eijk
Hunn Wai

Designers: Aldo BakkerSam BaronPaolo CappelloLorenzo DamianiDavid EricssonConstance GuissetFrancesca LanzavecchiaVito NestaKiki van EijkHunn Wai


EXTO 2019 collection @ The Secret Place of Design - Via Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro, 3 – Milan

9-13 April, 10 am to 9 pm / 14 April, 10 am to 8.30 pm


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