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Rizieri Showroom
Via Ponte Vetero, 23

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April 2017

Making its debut at the Design Week, Eglo has some stylish pieces of his great collection. Decorative lamps that get together a smart, contemporary design, from “prêt-à-porter” character. A temporary space shared in Brera with Meme Design, a company furnishing all Made in Italy, to express together the best all the simplicity of geometries illuminated with the essentiality of Eglo lamps.

Eglo a dynamic family business by the Tyrolean roots, with branches around the world. In 2016 more than 18 million light fittings have been marketed in over 132 countries on all continents. The merger of the solid Austrian traditions with the different cultural influences of the countries of its distribution company, is the main basis for creativity and the development of the considerable range of products with more than 4000 references. More than 50 branch offices can provide its customers around the world the same quality of service that initially in Austria has been so successful for four decades. 180.000 storage places all over the world with a total area of over 160.000 square meters logistics are proof. 

Three central warehouses (Hungary, Austria, the Netherlands) and 16 regional warehouses able to quickly reach all destinations.

Designs, produces and manufactures decorative lamps contemporary design prêt-à-porter. Lamps designed for the demands of everyday life: decorative, functional, from simple and pleasant shapes in harmony with respect for nature and eco-sustainability.

For the first time at the Design Week to raise awareness of some pieces from his collection.

press office

MCS & Partners

Via Tonale 22 | 20121 Milano
T +39.02.66985471 press@mcsweb.it



10.00 - 22.00

Sito Web: www.eglo.com

Email: info-italy@eglo.com

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