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Padiglione Visconti
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April 2017

The Milan week of design will be the setting for a remarkable, never-before-seen exhibition: "CORIAN® CABANA CLUB." This must-see event, organized by Corian® Design and Cabana Magazine, proposes a multicultural and emotional journey into the world of Maximalism.

An exhibition organized by Corian® Design and Cabana Magazine   "CORIAN® CABANA CLUB" Exploring the World of Maximalism   The Milan week of design (April 3rd to 9th, 2017) will be the setting for a remarkable, never-before-seen exhibition: "CORIAN® CABANA CLUB." This must-see event, organized by Corian® Design and Cabana Magazine, proposes a multicultural and emotional journey into the world of Maximalism.   Martina Mondadori Sartogo (editor-in-chief) and Christoph Radl (creative director) of Cabana magazine will be the art directors of the exhibition, with the collaboration of Martino Berghinz Studio. Seven world class personalities in the fields of fashion, decoration and design will conceive a series of scenes in the emotionally and sensorially rich style unique to Cabana.   Through an experiential path, which will combine Corian® with a variety of fascinating decorative patterns, lighting effects and music, visitors will travel to a surprising “village”: the “Corian® Cabana Club.”   The “Corian® Cabana Club” will feature seven “maximalistic scenes,” with each setting styled by a different creative, inspired by a different culture and which will include Corian® as a key element. The centerpiece of this village will be an iconic sculptural piece in Corian® delicately interacting with water.   The seven scenes of the ”Corian® Cabana Club” will be created by Cabana Magazine and Corian® Design in collaboration with: Antonio Marras                      www.antoniomarras.com Ashley Hicks                          www.ashleyhicks.com Carolina Irving                       www.carolinairvingtextiles.com Idarica Gazzoni                      www.idaricagazzoni.com Nathalie Farman-Farma        www.decorsbarbares.com Stephan Janson                    www.stephanjanson.com Susanne Thun                       www.susannethun.com Exhibition name: “Corian® Cabana Club” Location:  Padiglione Visconti, Via Tortona 58, Milan. Opening Days and Hours: April 3: H 10 - 22 (H 15 - 18 press preview; H 18-20 private party);                                               April 4 - 9: H 10 – 22 (April 6: H 10 to 24)   “It is a great pleasure to be at the Milan Design Week with a prestigious partner such as Cabana and a network of collaborators with their own unique creativity, taste and style. Playing an avant-garde role since its founding, Cabana is opening new paths in the world of interior design, proposing fascinating explorations of places strongly connected with emotions and personality, memory and uniqueness, heritage and a forward-looking mindset. These paths reflect the new direction that Corian® Design is taking.” says John Richard, Global Business Director, DuPont Surfaces.   “Corian® is uniquely suited with color and aesthetics that conjure up warmth and emotion that the interior design world, and society as a whole, are expressing as they absorb and elaborate cultural and artistic messages from around the globe. We are confident that the exhibition we are developing with Cabana, which will feature new and emotionally rich aesthetics of Corian®, will capture the imagination of the global design community and will be recognized as a powerful demonstration of the great, not fully discovered, expressive capabilities of Corian®,” adds John Richard.   All the colors from the brand new Concrete, Prima and Onyx collections of Corian® and many others will be featured in this exhibition, which also celebrates the 50th anniversary of Corian®, 50 years of global commitment to design and architecture.   The installations and furnishing solutions in Corian® for the exhibition will be fabricated by Hasenkopf Manufaktur (Germany) and by CTC (Italy), members of the Corian® Quality Network-Industrial Partner program.   About Cabana            instagram.com/cabanamagazine Cabana Magazine was founded in 2014 by Martina Mondadori Sartogo and Christoph Radl as an innovative yet timeless way to look at interiors and be inspired by them. Based in London and printed in Italy, it is a biannual publication in English distributed worldwide. Thanks to its unique printing techniques, fabric covers and view on interiors, it is perceived as a real collector’s item, with each issue making up a small piece of the collection. Cabana is about sophistication on many levels.   From the simplest object to the rarest collectible, from a rural hut to a cosmopolitan dwelling, Cabana explores the intellectual and emotional intimacy that people have with buildings and their surroundings while also celebrating the passion and endurance of artisanal creations. Each issue, which is masterfully put together by the magazine’s Creative Director Christoph Radl, is a hand-made creation, with its innovative printing techniques, specialty papers and finishes each selected to enhance the particular piece or interior it represents.   Over the past two and a half years, Cabana has gathered around the magazine a group of international like-minded contributors and aficionados that includes Christian Louboutin, Ashley Hicks, Tim Beddow, Patrick Kinmonth, Martino Gamper, Miguel Flores Vianna and Carolina Irving to name a few. In April 2015, Cabana expanded its outreach by launching an online pop-up shop on 1stdibs that focuses on unique antiques and a rapidly growing home and tableware collection. The Cabana website is due to launch in 2017.   About Corian®           corian.com - instagram.com/CorianDesign - facebook.com/CorianDesign First created as a high performance material for kitchen and bathroom worksurfaces, Corian® has become – thanks to its unique combination of functionality, versatility and beauty – a leading global brand in advanced surfacing solutions for interior design and architecture. Over the years, Corian® has emerged as an exceptional design tool for every application one can imagine: kitchens, bathrooms, lighting, furnishing, facades, seating, radiators, home automation, touch control surfaces. Today, Corian® can be found almost everywhere in commercial, residential and public space applications.   The DuPont Oval logo, DuPont™ and Corian® are registered trademarks or trademarks of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates. Only DuPont produces Corian®. Cabana is a registered trademark of Cabana Magazine Ltd.



- Claudio Greco, DuPont Surfaces, Marketing Communications and Public Relations Manager (Europe, Middle East and Africa), claudio.greco@dupont.com

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