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Aprile 2016

I decided to re-design wine goblets because I felt that the goblets on the market were a little prim. Their form is definite. They are symmetrical and rigid. They share similar dimen- sions of the bowl, the stem, and the foot. Users are also expected to hold the goblets in a certain way. The mainstream goblets reminded me of office workers who were required to dress formally. Wearing a suit and a pair of high heels all day can be exhausting. Like office workers, the goblets in the display window always stand straight and perfect. Looking at those goblets, I wondered if they also felt exhausted by acting professionally?

I named the collection After 5pm because our off-duty time starts at 5pm. From 9am to 5pm, office workers are on duty. They are expected to dress and to act in a certan way. 

After 5pm when office workers are off-duty, sloppiness and weariness become the state of mind. I also wanted to give my goblets off-duty time and to let them relax and be more expressive.

After 5pm will be a zoomorphic family of wine goblets. The collection emphasizes a sensory approach through the use of glass. In order to be expressive, After 5pm will be a range of coherent products from functional to conceptual. The primary goal of creating this collection is to elicit users’ emotions by challenging their impressions and expectations of the material. The secondary goal is to offer users various ways of holding and using a wine goblet. I hope that this collection achieves these two goals and creates fun for its users. 



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