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April 2016

Milan Design Week | lots of news

mg12 is pleased to present our news:

Gregorio table: timeless design realized with classic materials. mg12 presents a new prestigious collection of tables with steel structure, marble or natural stone top and embedded legs. The natural materials of the Gregorio table add a touch of luxury and uniqueness to any room; it can be a perfect conference table or a majestic dining table. It can be custom made in any size and is available in three shapes: rectangular, square and round. White version: brass structure and Carrara marble. Black version: brass structure and basaltina.

Franz waste bin: made of painted powder stainless steel. Franz has the perfect size to fit into every bathroom. Discreet and very resistant, the front opening allows using the top as a support for small objects. Available in white or black matt finish.

Robe radiator: Robe is an electric, hydraulic, or mixed radiator that warms and dries two robes at a time, hiding them and giving the environment a more organized and elegant look. The front mirror ensures the object practicality. Available also with a towel warmer version that can be powered separately.The single version will be available from September on.

Gaia armchair: inspired from the anonymous design of Brazilian furniture of the '50. Gaia is unique, simple, refined and comfortable. Precious interlocking structure in beech or walnut. Available in different fabrics.

cobogò separè: mg12 launches two new models of modular elements in super ceramic gypsum:Frammento (30x20x7cm) and Vintage (25x25x7cm). An environment divider that allows the passage of light creating different and customizable solutions. 

Massimo carpets: from April mg12 will hold the collection Massimo, Danish firm of fine fiber bamboo, hemp or silk carpets. Knotted by hand, made with handmade frames, available in different sizes and neutral colors.

mg12, a new design brand dedicated to design products with special attention to the sector of the heating elements and electric towel warmers, born from the creativity and spirit of innovation of the Brazilian designer Monica Freitas Geronimi. A new company that makes the taste and made in Italy their own distinctive feature. Tailormade products that fit into every room of the house, from the bathroom to go to the bedroom and the living.

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Minica Freitas Geronimi


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