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April 2016

Garden in a court with ornamental grasses from Cascina Bollate

The Spazio Sumampa welcomes the work of Marco Gaviraghi Calloni, sculptures of large site specific works.

The artist will introduce his work as designer of garden furnishings, showing series and single works. His pieces will be shown within the Sumampa showroom and in the court of the adjacent old gallery access building open to the public for this occasion.

Marco Gaviraghi Calloni, in collaboration with the Cascina Bollate Nursery, will do an installation here of his vases in Corten with a selection of ornamental herbs.

The module is the cubic meter repeated, approached and superimposed to make up the garden elements: water vases and plants.

“...Strong as iron, hard as Corten, and for this impermanent. Like African statues or Roman columns traced with the ribbing of other vases, Marco Calloni allows his objects to change with time. When iron is exposed to the elements it eventually rusts and corrodes. Even Corten, an alloy containing copper, chrome, nickel as well as iron changes and by the time two years has passed, a patina forms that stops the corrosion process. The metals, cut and welded, show their seams and in the details trace their origins. The black flame of the welding torch is a decorative motive and as it oxidizes continually changes color. They live, grow and mature, dialoging with the surrounding ambient in constant evolution. So as the deeply embossed surfaces catch the play of moving light, their slow oxidation reflects the change in the plants that they hold and that surround them...” from Beauty is what remains by Anna Piussi

Cocktail: Friday April 15th form 7.00 p.m.



Onlus Cascina Bollate


Marco Gaviraghi Calloni


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