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April 2016

Opening Spazio Mossmania

SPAZIO MOSSMANIA opens its first ever concept store in Milan, dedicated to stabilized plants and northern lichen, a range of green design products for indoor decoration

On Thursday 14th April 2016 in Milan - New brand MOSSMANIA inaugurates its first showroom of stabilized plants and northern lichen: a 100% natural material, used for interior decoration. MOSSMANIA, a brand of design products made with moss (northern lichen), opens its first ever store where it is possible to see, touch and design interior decoration products and furniture with natural elements of stabilized lichen, moss and flowers. The opening is scheduled for Thursday, 14 th April in Viale Col Di Lana 5, Porta Ticinese, during Milan Design Week 2016. MOSSMANIA design products range from lighting to interior decoration, personal accessories and clothing, demonstrating the versatility of moss and stabilized plants. MOSSMANIA store will be in the map of the ZONA SANT’AMBROGIO 2016 (zonasantambrogio.com) in the official District of the Fuorisalone.it. MOSSMANIA’s e- commerce site www.mossmania.it will soon be online.

MOSSMANIA aims to bring stabilized green plants to indoor spaces, a natural element that to date has been mainly used in architecture, for the realization of vertical walls. The process of plants’ stabilization consists in drying and substituting plants’ sap with a natural preserving product that ensures its durability. In this way, real plants preserve their freshness, softness, elasticity and naturalness, while not requiring any maintenance.
MOSSMANIA proposes design products, designed and developed by Re.rurban Studio, suh as “CUBE” a seat made of moss immersed in resin, the “STONES” covered in moss, by architect Simone Micheli, and other design products.

Green vertical walls, also in the showroom, are the quintessential example of moss’s ease of application on indoor walls, thanks to the FLEX-Element system by Polarmoss, world leader and sole supplier of lichen. One of MOSSMANIA products, available for home decor, is PATCH, a 28x40 cm moss rectangle, where moss is applied on a very durable, adhesive felt which can be easily applied to any kind of surface.

In addition, an area is dedicated to the plants in BULK format, where natural and colored moss and preserved plants will be available for purchase in special dispensers for creating personalized compositions.
Also available in the store is a line of JEWELS: pendants, rings and small objects made immersing moss in resin. Another line of products in the store is the jewelry and RAKU ceramics by Lidia Sesti, made with the Raku technique with moss inserts. This ceramic technique of Japanese origins, attractively combines with moss creating unique items that recall antique objects from Eastern civilizations.

Also present in the store are some design pieces from THEMPRA COLLECTION, a line of luxury furniture designed to enrich public and private prestigious locations. Made in Italy with molten metals, THEMPRA pieces are unique and exclusive items combining art and design, deftly crafted to achieve surprising, organic shapes with warm and earthy color-tones inspired by nature. THEMPRA conceives each piece with the idea of embracing a natural element, such as water, fire or trees.
A space will be dedicated to Giuseppe Morello Luxury Design collection, a Sicilian firm that designs and installs 3D panels for interiors, an innovative product made with plaster dust and special additives which are reinforced with a fiberglass network The reduced thickness and ease of installation favor the application of 3D panels on shops’ walls and private homes. Luxury Design products are three-dimensional, creating a movement of light and shadow and effects of intense beauty.


MOSSMANIA was born from the meetng of FLOEMA Ltd., a company with twenty years of experience in greenery and green design for architecture, and RE.RURBAN STUDIO, a Milan-based agency of design planning, projects and communicaton, united by the desire to create interior design products using moss, and to design furniture inspired by nature. POLARMOSS is the exclusive supplier of stabilized Nordic lichen. THEMPRA COLLECTION was born from the innovatve energy of Floema with experience in the feld of high-profe design of Marco Benedeto Covelli, creator of EXCEL line of furniture, which is present with some furnishings in the MOSSMANIA store.





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