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Manganèse Éditions, HET Human Eco Technology, beMajida.com

100x100 Group, a company operating for over 30 years in the field of architecture and design, in the occasion of Salone del Mobile 2019 presents in its showroom in Via Palermo, 1 the news of the two collections produced and distributed by 100x100 Factory: Manganèse Éditions and HET Human Eco Technology. 100x100 Factory also presents the activation of its innovative sales project: beMajida.com

100X100 Factory is a company that produces furniture products. 100x100 Factory is born as an incubator of design concepts (Design Brand Incubator) to rediscover the value of design combined with industrial heritage, expression of local communities and knowledge. Manganèse Éditions, HET Human Eco Technology collections and beMajida.com project embody the essential values of 100x100 Group: sensitivity, attention to man and the environment, Design as a central element for the rediscovery of genius and passion. All solutions and products follow a logic of empathic design, with a mix of useful and functional proposals combined with an emotional experience.

Manganèse Éditions is a creation of Saguez & Partners, parisian design agency. During the last years Manganèse has worked in collaboration with 100x100 Group in order to renew its first Manufacture collection. The Restô- Burô collection (for restaurants and offices) is enriched this year with new proposals, equally elegant and functional.

HET Human Eco Technology, project of the Bertero Projects team, was presented during the last Salone del Mobile edition. This year HET extends its proposal too. Trotter bookcase will be presented in specifically adapted versions for schools and offices: a real, positive and ever more concrete answer to the indoor air pollution problem. The concept of "green lung" proves to adapt perfectly to public spaces, in addition to private environments. Trotter Library becomes Office System and School System: dividing systems, containers, supports for plants selected for their functional characteristics. More than twenty essences help to create well-being and constitute a green organism that produces oxygen, reduces electromagnetic waves, absorbs fine powders and harmful chemicals. There’s an irrigation and vaporization system for the plants within the structure and a phytochromatic lighting system is integrated too. A sensors system, testing the air quality, is under study. The project is already an integral part of the corporate offices furnishings of 100x100 Group in Aosta, the spaces of the IED (European Institute of Design in Milan) and the offices of Mc Donald’s in Casablanca.

beMajida.com is a project born to create synergy between digital sales and physical stores. In the online e-commerce the supply chain of each product is transparent. In the physical showrooms the final consumer can see the products. The purchase is always online and the retailer is an integral part of the system. This year three products of the collection - "Sator", "Swing" and "Lina" - will be presented in their FLORANTH fabric bespoke version, a VIBE RESEARCH brand.


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