ERCO Lighting - Lighting Show - Installazione DE/SIGNARE by Marco Nereo Rotelli

DE\SIGNARE - Lighting Installation by Marco Nereo Rotelli with readings by Paola Albini

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The installation by Marco Nereo Rotelli is designed for a symbolic place in Milan, home of the Gallery of Modern Art

The installation will transform Villa Reale into an immense luminous picture telling and interrogating the secrets of light in painting. From the skies of the great Tintoretto to Canaletto to Titian but also and especially to the skies in the paintings present in the rooms of the Museum, from Morbelli to De Nittis, from Previati to Boccioni
Marco Nereo Rotelli returns with this luminous work Milan (where he illuminated the Prince of Savoy and the Royal Palace with Erco) after the great works carried out in Taipei, Chicago and Yangzhou where, with his stylistic figure, he created what Gillo Dorfles called ' urban light design '

The word drawing comes from the Latin 'de signum', we translate it into design to define a more extensive art. But it is precisely in the 'signum' that the shape is the nerve center of the contemporary debate on feeling, on holding back, on loving the essence of living because without the will to form, everything escapes

The light shows; makes it appear, manifest. Thing? Things in their form, relates.
This luminous relationship is explained by the luminous ascent that sees a historic company like Erco promoting cultural events on the concept of light in art.
Rotelli is an internationally known artist and the specificity of his work is to treat light as a feeling as a meaning as poetry

Rotelli will create an immersive situation dedicated to the skies painted in the history of art with the intervention of Paola Albini that will intervene on the concept of decomposition and composition.
In fact, highlighting the form means keeping the memory of that work that is nature itself alive, that we are all of us, being able to intertwine languages, to evoke new forms by singing a new (but also very ancient) hymn to life.

Paola Albini nephew of Franco Albini is president of the homonymous foundation, theater director with her performance, between luminous signs and verbal assertions. leads us with new eyes and fresh mind to wonder.


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