Re-turning Design

Re-discovered old workings and play with old games

On the evening of April 13th they will toast and play with "la pirla" (spinning top) under the arcades of Via Manzoni corner Via della Spiga for “Re-Turning designs: contemporary jewels and accessories engraved in guilloché ”.
For Design Week, the Trivio collection of STELLA G jewels is displayed next door to a selection of objects of "elegant utility". They are united by being engraved with guilloche, rare technique of seventeenth-century origin used by the Fabergé for the jewels commissioned by the Zar, which Lorenzo Preattoni presents in a contemporary key. Pendants, necklaces and bracelets dedicated to the triangle juxtaposed with blades and razors with clean and decisive lines, all decorated one by one with patterns of sinuous lines that play with light.
New objects for a "returning" and "spinning" design, handmade with ancient machinery that they rotate creating endless waves. They rotate like the traditional wooden spinning top - "la pirla" - with where you can have fun on the marble of the porch which leads to the historic Preattoni shop.

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Stella G Inuitdesign

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Stella Gnesutta

Designers: Stella Gnesutta


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Presentation - Re-discovered re-play
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