THE COFFEE SHOP (R)EVOLUTION | MDW2019 @ Coffee Studio 7Gr.

The new face of Italian coffee scene.

Despite a strong heritage of traditional coffee drinking culture, the Third Wave of Coffee is now on the rise in Italy and is going to change our way of drinking and consuming coffee radically, by spreading and promoting authentic coffee culture, redesigning places of consumption and innovating the proposal on the menu.

But how will the Italian coffee scene change in the next few years (and how it is already changing)? What are the key factors to successfully innovate in such a tough market, so rooted in our daily habits?

On Friday 12th April, during the Milan Design Week, Sevengrams is pleased to host at its Coffee Studio 7Gr. in Milan a workshop reserved for coffee-shop owners and professionals to explore and deepen new trends, from specialty coffee to alternative brewing methods, and give fundamental information and suggestion to those who works in this market and want to keep an innovative approach.

The workshop will be held by Chiara Bergonzi, one of the most accredited international coffee expert in the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) circuit. Chiara works as consultant for the most important companies in the coffee business and is a AST trainer and judge for international barista competitions.

Entrance to the workshop is free and by invitation only.

If you own a coffee shop or you are going to open one, if you are a HoReCa professional and are interested in participating, you can request accreditation by writing us at info@7gr.it or by calling +39 02 36561122.

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To partecipate at the workshop write us at info@7gr.it or call us +39 02 36561122.

Entrance reserved to HoReCa professionals.

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Workshop - Workshop The new face of Italian coffee scene.
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Workshop - Workshop The new face of Italian coffee scene.
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