ANM DESIGN presents CRYSTALEXE - A New Matter For Architecture

ANM DESIGN presents CRYSTALEXE: an innovative and unique product, a perfect fusion between an "ancient" material such as glass and a very high technological and aesthetic profile.

Save the date: Thursday, 11th April, at the Milan showroom of ANM DESIGN (Molino dalle Armi, 27 - from 18.30) to see and touch CRYSTALEXE: large sheets of glass 100% customizable, able to give unique finishes for floors, walls and surfaces in general, where the color is "injected" to recreate the chosen picture, from the waves of the sea to the portrait of one's pets.

The evening is also the chance to meet Andrea Negri, CEO of Anm Design, and the photographer Malena Mazza, author of the shot that was the first to be "tattooed" in Crystalexe sheets and that will be exhibited in the showroom.

"First time I saw this product I immediately felt an irresistible attraction, the very high quality of the print, the depth that it manages to express and the total freedom in choosing the subjects that can be made really makes it a unique and exclusive product - comments Andrea Negri, CEO of Crystalexe - moreover it is unalterable over time, resistant up to 200 ° in temperature, it can be cut and drilled and has such dimensions (1200x3100) to allow any kind of application, including continuous façades of buildings that can take on every kind of fantastic realization and transformation".



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