vitamin design al FuoriSalone di Milano 19 — BASIC CELL


8-14 Aprile 2019

vitamin design presents from 8 - 14 April 2019, within the Milano Design Week on the FUORISALONE

Evolutive design exhibition
SPAZIO S, via Olona 25, Milano (Santabrogio Design District)

You can marvel at the following design pieces:

MARGO SQUARE LINO Practical symbioses between solid wood and linoleum At first glance the graphic quality of the table‘s modern form appears. The structural elements are defined by clarity of line. The diverse design possibilities give a freedom choice in combining solid wood with linoleum. The edge profile can be chosen between straight or slanted edge. Whether subtle or prominent design everything is possible completing the graphical expression.

CREO The unmistakable visual quality The round solid wood form has a warm appeal and is ideal for a great dining experience with your family and friends. The central pillar with its trapezoid geometry is visually pleasing and offers lots of leg room. The clear lines convey elegance. On the 160 or 180 cm diameter solid wood table top is a Lazy Susan rotating tray with its decorative and functional design.

TAU Simple, minimalistic and unbelievably comfortable As one of the first models it stood the test of time, fitting perfectly into the design concept. Chair TAU stands for fine simplicity and the ergonomics makes the sitting a pure delight. Seating accommodation embodying elegance and naturalness. Clear the stage for the natural craftsmanship!

UNA Antiquity, modern interpreted with craftsmanship The canny joint of the legs with the table frame serves as a striking design feature. The table and the stool appear distinctively interesting and exclusive by adding the ergonomical shape. Since the ancient times the stool is basic equipment in houses. Makes everywhere a great impression as a practical accessory at home. Sometimes in the kitchen sometimes in the wardrobe with the grip opening the stool can be carried quickly and easily. Functional furniture with charm. The natural grain of the wood enhances the easy going character for a perfect homely feeling.

ZIRKEL What goes around, comes around Table ZIRKEL doesn‘t beat around the bush, presenting its beautiful presence. Sociable gathering with casual footwork running in circles around the tabletop. Always on the move conquering the catwalks with its excellent solid wood style. Combining great design in different shapes with natural sustainability. A true model: round or angular, ZIRKEL presents itself in almost every desired size.

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Press preview
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