Un-Learn / Re-Learn

What’s the best vantage point for looking to the future? Viewing learning processes as a set of collective questions.

Following on from the exhibitions Design Nomade and Trouble Making. Who’s Making the City?, which were presented at Fuorisalone in previous years,  BASE Milano continues its investigation into design with the UN-learn/RE-learn project, staying true to its vocation as a "Learning Machine": a huge organism for learning and a workshop for lifelong education, dedicated to the city, the neighbourhood and creative professionals, with the capacity to establish a dialogue between different creative communities, thus enabling them to absorb, share and transform each other’s contents and influences in a range of areas.
For Design Week 2019, BASE is rounding up a diverse yet complementary group of designers, thinkers, artists and innovators: Italo Rota con Marco Cadioli, Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto, Stefano Mirti e Super - Scuola Superiore d’Arti Applicate del Castello Sforzesco, Andrea de Chirico e Music Innovation Hub. Each contributing organisation will offer its own visual slant on the theme, posing questions and eliciting answers to make us reflect, not on the ‘what’, but on the ‘how’.
Visitors will find themselves engaged in an investigation into forms of knowledge transfer, calling into question the patterns of  today in order to redesign places of learning and establish new processes in which the cultural and creative sector is a driver of innovation. Guiding us through this “de-instructional” itinerary is an aerial installation curated by Raumplan.

What’s the best vantage point for looking to the future? Viewing learning processes as a set of collective questions. The BASE exhibition challenges the patterns of today in a “de-instructional” itinerary full of installations, practices and experiences.

RE_DESIGN and A.I. Saving your own projects with personal tools | Curated by Italo Rota with Marco Cadioli, project set-up by Francesca Grassi                  
What does Artificial intelligence see in a piece of design? This is the question that inspired RE_DESIGN and A.I.– a project curated by Italo Rota with Marco Cadioli– which uses an interactive installation to show a range of A.I. generated responses by inviting the public to conduct the same test on pieces of design found around the house, items that feature in our daily lives. The aim is to see the designer’s creative process through different eyes in an attempt to escape from the “cage of repetition” and usher in a kind of free thinking that eschews categorisation.

CASTELLI IN ARIA. The Games Workshop at Super - Scuola Superiore d’Arti Applicate del Castello Sforzesco
Super presents the Officina dei Giochi (Games Workshop): a laboratory and atelier that carries forward the school’s proud tradition of housing artists’ studios. A place for learning by doing, led by Spartaco Albertarelli, a master game designer and celebrated inventor of all manner of board games. Why a games workshop? Because it tells the story of unfolding transformation. Because as you work, you learn and come up with products and innovative services. Once upon a time we had Monopoly and Risk. Now, designing board games means deploying complex narrative devices involving ever more sophisticated materials, luxury packaging, artistic illustrations and storytelling with the power to turn a game into a piece of design.   

A workshop from Unidee - Third Paradise Academy | Installation by Cittadellarte-Fondazione    Pistoletto
A school studying methods for regenerating every aspect of our way of life and testing the application of those methods in reality: out of this idea comes the project curated by Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, which sets up a classroom for transforming protests into opportunities to provide concrete action. Building change requires translating protests, which arise from need and awareness, into shared, concrete propositions. This is why, within the installation, the posters created during the workshop with students from Biella become a drawing board around which the Design Week public is invited to pull up a seat and lend their voice to the discussion.

SUPERLOCAL, 0 miles production | Curated by Andrea de Chirico               
Andrea de Chirico, a young Roman designer now based in Bolzano, presents SUPERLOCAL, 0 miles production: a global network promoting local production, an open database of commonly used objects that supplies consumers with access to a system producing practical items by means of digital and traditional craftsmanship.
SUPERLOCAL, 0 miles production’ demonstrates an approach to mapping and shared reflection on our understanding of the spaces that surround us and the materials they are made of, and on ways to encourage involvement and promote a new mentality around craftsmanship and production in general.

OPEN SOUND SESSION #2 | Curated by Music Innovation Hub

Music Innovation Hub – the think tank and music production company founded in 2018 at BASE Milano -  previews Open Sound Festival, an official project as part of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 which is breathing new life into sounds dating back thousands of years in a celebration of music as a common good. Open Sound Session #2 is an experiment in deconstructing and reconstructing musical identities, an interactive installation where the public can enjoy mixing thousand year old sounds with electronic beats and digital bases, demolishing the segregation between traditional and contemporary music, between pop and folk, acoustic and electronic, chamber music and dance, urban and country. The Open Sound Session sounds belong to the Open Sound sonic library, a collection of samples captured during the Lucan explorations conducted by the Open Sound Festival curatorial ensemble: cowbells, electric guitars, bagpipes, cupa-cupa, digital beats and arbëreshë singing.

Tickets for BASE+VENTURA FUTURE Design Week 2019 will be available online at: https://bit.ly/2ul9r2N
The 5 euro entry fee provides access to the Venture Future and BASE exhibitions, as well as the evening events throughout Milano Design Week, from 9 to 14 April.


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