Form Follows Meaning

CTRLZAK studio opens its doors to the public by showing its modus operandi through some of its creations.

On the occasion of 'Repubblica del Design' during Salone del Mobile, CTRLZAK studio opens its doors presenting its modus operandi through various creations of the studio. According to CTRLZAK, the projects in generally should have something that goes beyond the obvious, creating awareness to the public and making people reflect. Paraphrasing the famous modernist quote, CTRLZAK studio places emphasis to the one thing that should be present in the present, without of course forgetting everything else: meaning.


CTRLZAK studio

Brands: CTRLZAK studio


Katia Meneghini
Thanos Zakopoulos

Designers: Katia MeneghiniThanos Zakopoulos



8 Monday
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10 Wednesday
14:00 - 18:00
11 Thursday
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13 Saturday
14 Sunday
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