Bearbie in Culottes - flowering females, underpants and tattoos

embroidery, flowers, underwear, tattoos & party!

ChironeinQuinta (Monica Gorza and Valentina Balducci) duo of unrestrained embroidering artists, in collaboration with FreakshowParadise Tatto presents the first "no-underwear" and flowered walk-in, an opportunity to admire the beautiful handmade embroideries on mischievous linen, sipping a drink and, why not, giving yourself an exclusive mini tattoo or a beautiful handmade jewel produced by 3different.it

ChironeinQuinta is a project aimed at a female audience of all ages, gender nuances, political and religious beliefs. ChironeinQuinta produces underpants, yes BelleMutande indeed beautiful! Hand-drawn and packaged by micro-artisan businesses after a careful selection of organic and natural fabrics. They are considered unique pieces since each BellaMutanda has the mascot printed by hand. The sizes are re-invented, because every woman is different: we are all beautiful, curious, with a vital and conscious sensuality, we are proud of our body, of every curve and path dent. We like to be comfortable and we like it! ChironeinQuinta produces and promotes contemporary art; with us there are painters, illustrators, photographers, stylists, graphic designers, embroiderers, tattoo artists (and tattoo artists), journalists and sorcerers.

Friday 12 April from 18.30, at Freakshow Paradise Tattoo: we will present the spring collection of our Belle Underpants, the new "Fanzine for Flowered Females" and the works of the artists present in it: Shanti Ranchetti, Greta Eta, Cikita Z, Nana Pikkett , La Marta, Elena Temporin, Loredana Giulioli, Cecilia Granata, Monica Gorza, Happy Sloth, Laura Alemagna, Maria Moschioni, Pietrina Atzori, Elisatron Tremendina, Cristian Gaudioli Ruaro - Der Prinz Tattooer - and Linda Ferrari.

e-mail: chironeinquinta@gmail.com

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@ Instagram / chironeinquinta

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Freakshow Paradise Tattoo

Brands: Freakshow Paradise Tattoo


Valentina Balducci
Linda Ferrari
Cristian Gaudioli Ruaro
Monica Gorza

Designers: Valentina BalducciLinda FerrariCristian Gaudioli RuaroMonica Gorza


Piero Bellotto



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18:30 - 22:30
Party / cocktail - grand opening - party - tarot reading
13 Saturday
14:00 - 22:00
Exhibition - exposition, tattoo walk-in, party
14 Sunday
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