#SAYCHIC @tongs with Papixon

Even the alternative can be chic

32 bowties stickers will color the bathrooms’ mirrors in over fifteen local partners joining our initiative in Isola district, Tortona and Lambrate-Ventura district. Here the updated map https://goo.gl/maps/BkujK4GKDtB2.

There are four type of stickers, each inspired by a musical genre: ranging from Funk Yellow to Soul Green, from Black to Polka dot Jazz to Electric Blue Rock. The claim which PAPIXON wants to wear a bow tie around Milan will be #SAYCHIC. At theTongs Bar, you can 'wear' the Yellow Funk.

The event will go on every day until April 15th. All users who will peek into one of Papixon's dressing rooms, taking pictures with the stickers and tagging @papixon_ and @tongsbarmilano on Instagram  will receive a gift from PapiXon, whoever collects all four will take home a 'real' bow tie.

I Seveso Casino Palace is the indie-rock band testimonial to this event.

More bowties on https://papixon.it/en/

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Ilario 3381243707 (whatsapp) | papixonhandsewn@gmail.com

8 Monday
9 Tuesday
10 Wednesday
11 Thursday
12 Friday
13 Saturday
14 Sunday
Undefined times
Exhibition - 1. Visit the bathroom 2. Take a picture with the bow tie sticker 3. Transform the picture into a post or stories using the hashtag #saychic 4. Tag @papixon_ and @tongsbarmilano5. Spread the word and visit the next dressing room
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