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Architect & designer

Lorenzo Palmeri was born as an architect and today he carries out design projects in many different fields. He deals with design, architecture, art direction and teaching, but also music production and composition. Bruno Munari and Isao Hosoe, with whom he has collaborated for many years, are among his masters. His projects have been exposed in the Design Museum of Triennale but also on the stages of Lou Reed’s live concerts.






The Fuorisalone is a must-go event, like a party you can’t miss. The New Year’s Eve of Design.

— Lorenzo Palmeri
The interview

The version of Lorenzo Palmeri about Fuorisalone


What does the Fuorisalone mean for you?

The Fuorisalone is a must-go event, like a party you can’t miss. The New Year’s Eve of Design. You rush there, you feel like you are “eating” too much and then you leave full of good intentions. I would say it has become a crucial event also for Milan, definitely the most shared one. Everyone out in the street, although not necessarily in the name of design.


Inside or Outside the Salone?

This is a tough question. I would say it depends on the type of company, the product, the occasion. In general I feel more attracted by the Fuorisalone. In those days it’s nice to meet friends from far away on the street. Or maybe to see small parties with thousands of people queuing to get in and super events with nobody wanting to see them.


Your favourite corner during the Design Week

I like walking in the historic centre of Milan and get on public transports to reach the various events. And then my studio, because during the salone there’s a lively atmosphere there, that people like a lot. As for food, if I am free I always try to have something for lunch. In the evening I get delighted by the catering of the various inaugurations and by the flow of the events.


The most important thing you found out or learnt at the Salone

That Milan can be perceived as the centre of the world.


The best relationship you established during the design week

The one I established with some companies and, what’s more important, with the people working there.


I wish Fuorisalone…

Didn’t miss the opportunity to propose new paths and new scenarios.

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