Design Language Outspoken


8-14 Aprile 2019

Forget words. You cast your idea in body, color, dimension and texture, and let it speak for you. This is design’s language.

For its third edition, Design Language is once again guest of the iconic nhow Hotel in the throbbing heart of the arts and fashion district, Zona Tortona. Taking place from 9 to 14 April, the trade exhibition showcases the multicultural, multifaceted curated selection of brands, studios and manufacturers in collaboration with the language university Civica Scuola ‘Altiero Spinelli’.

The exhibition hosts prominent designers such as Geke Lensink (the Netherlands), who brings her new collection Souvenir, inspired by other cultures in space and time, and the exclusive collaboration between Francesco Meda (Italy) and Mario Milana (USA). Among the Eastern guests, Japanese manufacturer K-INO presents enchanting and intricate kumiko screens, while Gifu prefecture (Japan) representatives Gifuted illustrate the typical Mino washi paper, Seki cutlery blade and Gujo indigo dyeing, and the young Japanese women of team Katenngecchi offer a unique take on the traditional arts of ceramics, lacquer and calligraphy among others.

An exhibition inside the exhibition, Enlightened Dersign shines a light on JHA Porcelain’s mastery of ancient Chinese techniques (The Netherlands), Morgan Ruben’s brilliant entwining of smart technology and eco-friendliness (The Netherlands), and Viviana Degrandi shows a 3d printed lamp "Float" (Italy). 

Other exhibitors are Cara Judd and Davide Gramatica from studio CARA \ DAVIDE (South Africa, Italy); DESUIR - Duca di Camastra with works by Matteo Vilardo bringing the ancient Sicilian ceramic craft into a new era (Italy); Maarten Olden with USIT, an inventive chair to climb on (The Netherlands); The Dots magazine, celebrating 10 years of connecting the Dutch, an installation celebrating ten years of Dutch Design in Milan; a traditional wall-covering and Fusuma (sliding-door) producer Kojima Orimonowith works by Tomoko Yuya, Hiromasa Kojima and Mihou Takuwa (Japan); textile manufacturer Lanificio Leo presents a new collection of weavings; Scandinavia Form presents vases that make flora into art (Sweden); Elia Mangia designed a new collection for the label STIP (Italy); and finally the new label FUSCHINI, founded by the two Portuguese architects Sara Oom de Sousa and Vasco Lima Mayer from studio VLMA, present a collection inspired by works from the mid 20th century designers Charlote Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret.

Design Language is an initiative by studio CARA \ DAVIDE and Connecting the Dots, and is developed in collaboration with the Civica Scuola Interpreti e Traduttori ‘Altiero Spinelli’ and the nhow Hotel. Special thanks goes to Royal Mosa who generously provided materials for the exhibition design.

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Brand: CARA \ DAVIDEConnecting the DotsDesign languageFuschiniGifutedJHA PorcelainK-INO Kumiko ArtKatenngecchiKojima Textile CompanyLanificio LeoMorgan RubenMosa TilesScandinavia FormSTIPUSITViviana Degrandi


Viviana Degrandi
Davide Gramatica
Cara Judd
Geke Lensink
Francesco Meda
Mario Milana
Matteo Vilardo

Designer: Viviana DegrandiDavide GramaticaCara JuddGeke LensinkFrancesco MedaMario MilanaMatteo Vilardo


Outspoken Design Language
nhow Hotel, Via Tortona 35, Milan 20144
Exhibition: Tuesday 9 April - Sunday 14 April 2019
Mixing the Dots Opening Cocktail: Monday 8 April
(request an invitation here: rsvp@thedots.nl)

We Reading
Short reading sessions by designers from text that inspired them.
Organised by We Reading
Daily from Tuesday 9 till Saturday 13 April, starting at 17.00

Program available soon on: www.facebook.com/wereading
Please download the Press Folder, containing high resolution images: https://goo.gl/3ERkPK, or do not hesitate to contact directly our press officer Luc Deleau: press@thedots.nl / 31615510727 or project manager Davide Gramatica: designlanguage@thedots.nl / 393295421868

8 Lunedì
18:00 - 22:00
Festa / cocktail
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Press preview
9 Martedì
10:00 - 19:00
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10 Mercoledì
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11 Giovedì
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12 Venerdì
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13 Sabato
10:00 - 19:00
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14 Domenica
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