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Double Signature. A dialogue between design and artisanal excellence


Via Palestro, 16

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April 2017


Fondazione Cologni
Living Corriere della Sera
Michelangelo Foundation


A collection of 15 unique co-signed objects, created by famous European designers together with skilled Italian artisans, using rare techniques and refined materials.

After last year’s success, the exhibition Doppia Firma is back.

The formula is renown: 15 couples of designers and artisans come together to create amazing pieces. Because when the world of high craftsmanship and precious workmanship meets the digital culture and the contemporary design project, powerful synergies take origin. As in Doppia Firma 2017 edition, a project by Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, Living Corriere della Sera and Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship. For the first time, fine Italian artisans work together with fifteen European talented, emphasizing once more the ability of the high Italian know-how to interact with contemporary creativity with an international imprint. The resulti s a gorgeous collection of unique and poetic pieces, which are worth admiring at the charming rooms of GAM, the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan April 4 to 9.

The distinctive sign of French designer Pierre Marie has been translated into an awesome inlay of semi-precious stones. The pure forms of German designer Sebastian Herkner have become refined lacquered screens. The origami of Uros Mihic has acquired the functionality of a set of boxes. Cristina Celestino’s pure and creative touch has transformed a mirror, specially treated to reflect an age-old allure, into a sculptural lamp that sparkles with magic.

To give new life to materials like wood,glass, silver, ceramics and metal, or to revive techniques like mosaic and hand-weaving, we have called upon celebrated names like Nika Zupanc, Emmanuel Babled, Lex Pott, Federico Pepe and Raw-Edges, as well as promising young designers such as Elisa Strozyk, Dimitri Bähler, Sara Ricciardi, Oskar Zieta, Felix Muhrhofer, Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus, selected for their attitude toward experimentation and practice.


Designers and artisans

Nika Zupanc (Slovenia) and De Vecchi Milano 1935 (argento)
Uros Mihic (Serbia) and Caterina Crepax (carta)
Elisa Strozyk (Germania) and BottegaNove (ceramica)
Dimitri Bähler (Svizzera) and Maurizio Tittarelli Rubboli (ceramica)
Sara Ricciardi (Italia) and Nicolò Morales (ceramica)
Pierre Marie (Francia) and Leonardo Scarpelli, di Scarpelli Mosaici (commesso fiorentino)
Raw Edges (Regno Unito) and Carlo Apollo (legno)
Lex Pott (Olanda) and HABITO – Giuseppe Rivadossi Officina (legno)
Oskar Zieta (Polonia) and La Fucina di Efesto (metallo)
Jan Plecháč & Henry Wielgus (Repubblica Ceca) and Gianluca Pacchioni (metallo)
Sebastian Herkner (Germania) and Lucio Doro, di Alchymia (lacca)
Felix Muhrhofer (Austria) and Fabrizio Travisanutto (mosaico)
Cristina Celestino (Italia) and Antique Mirror (specchi)
Federico Pepe (Itala) and Marta Cucchia, dell’Atelier Giuditta Brozzetti (tessuto)
Emmanuel Babled (Portogallo/Francia) and Simone Crestani (vetro)


Photo © Laila Pozzo

4 Tuesday
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