Emotions and words with Caviartangle di Monica Boni


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April 2017

How did ..
All it born from the desire to create works that communicate emotions.
By combining two techniques have given rise to Caviartangle, words that emerged from the text with the Caviardage technical and artistic practice of Zentangle - art scribble - I leave out only the words chosen, the intent is that of 'Cover for Revealing '.
Both techniques are revealing the emotional states of mind.
Caviartangle born with a short but incisive poetry, short but effective, in keeping with the artistic flow of time without having patterns to follow, in absolute freedom.
Art is closely linked to the ability to convey emotions, which are interpreted subjectively by the users. At the same time, artistic expression allows each of us to in an original and unique way to communicate the relationship between personal life and in reality.
If reading and watching one of my works will stir up an emotion I feel I have reached my goal.

Caviartangle by Monica Boni


Monica Boni


PDF District - Light&Design

Studio Bardi/cad38

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