Presentation of AndreA, the new project of EIKONsolution


Palazzo Lombardia
Via Melchiorre Gioia, 37

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April 2017

EIKONsolution presents AndreA, the object of design between tradition and revolution

EIKONsolution will present AndreA on Thursday, April 6, during Design Week in Milan, at Palazzo Lombardia.

AndreA is the new star of the Swiss company. It’s a mix between history and future, tradition and revolution. To define it a mannequin, it would be a lack of respect because AndreA is an object of design. Thanks to its unique shapes, it can give body and soul to the creations of those who will choose it.

Andrea was created by the skillful hands of sculptor Alexander Markov and from the will to create a mannequin with advanced technological features, with innovative technical solutions and with a full Italian design. It’s unique design, represents a contemporary woman, fluid, with an "allure" highly iconic, just like the company’s name: EIKON.

Kept away from the spotlights and from the press, Andrea will be unveiled in Italy during the exclusive event on April 6, which will be attended by 100 selected Italian and international people from the world of journalism, fashion and design.  "It's a special moment, it’s a fashion collection and as such it should be treated. We want to share this important event with our customers, but also with those who, are able to evaluate and, why not, criticize, "says Daniele Panizza, general manager of EIKONsolution.

Panizza, during the evening, will introduce his guests to AndreA’s world. It will be just an introduction, since AndreA will later present himself through an emotional video.

"AndreA is a bet for EIKONsolution - says Daniele Panizza -. It is the conviction that we can still do well, that it is still possible to have passion for our own identity and courage to put our name on it. The proof is that a few days after its launch AndreA will be already available for sale and for all our customers. This is why we have designed and created a product with such a strong identity. "Whether we like it or not, everyone will remember it." We deliberately "branded" it with details so evident on the body that will for sure create an unbreakable bond with our brand and above all with the brands and customers that will choose it.


Andrea X-ray

Born through an artisanal process, AndreA was later created and developed using the latest 3D technologies. It has a low environmental impact, thanks to Susterra®, the new DuPont resin. For AndreA EIKONsolution patented B-Link, the new fitting system, which makes the mannequin positioning stable and rapid with two simple connections without using other hardware.

Even the packaging is unprecedented.  EIKONsolution paid attention to all details, it is environmentally friendly (we used water colors and reusable materials). We always talked about innovation and technology ... but AndreA will amaze, even in this.


An evening full of surprises: EIKON Racing

After AndreA’s presentation the evening will continue with a gala dinner prepared by chef Marta Pulini and it will end with an open bar by RIVIERA Spirits and a DJ set.  But there will be also a two wheels moment. The event will be the occasion to present EIKON Racing, the team born thanks to the collaboration with SpeedyBike.  Rider Andrea Tomio this year will participate to Trofeo Motoestate 600 racing on main Italian circuits.

"The idea to ​​embrace the world of motorcycling started from the passion for motorcycles and ... for what we are doing. You ride for passion not out of necessity. Passion is one of the first values of EIKONsolution: to do, to act moved by the heart not by necessity. And we share also the love to race: stable and rapid EIKONsolution and AndreA run towards the future and the challenges of the coming years, "explains Daniele Panizza.

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