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April 2017

The Institute "Marelli Dudovich" Milano is an event for the fuorisalone17. Friday, April 7 from 10:00 to 12:00 in Via Oderzo 3 plexus Fashion tailoring textile production. An exhibition of drawings in reference to educational courses and handicrafts made in Italy. "Asia between myth and magic" Assocalzaturifici participation notice; Calligrams and fashion; Urban architecture and fashion dress code; TEXTILE DESIGN the lamp; The work shirts; ATELIER jeweled dresses, wedding dresses BIT Deco.

The Higher Education Institute "Marelli Dudovich" Milan fashion section tailoring textile production proposes an exhibition of works produced by students on April 7, 2017 from 10.00 to 12.00. The students will make in the days of fuorisalone milano of fashion products. Creative labs propose the use of technological and innovative materials. The laser cutting as a prototype and research on fabrics. The riciclo4 noble materials derived from cell: metal alloys with gold, silver and copper. The realization of sculpture shoes in reference to sculpture neoprene suits. Clothing and jewel deco laser clothes. The local schools and innovation regarding the new decree for the professional and for the handicraft revival in our country. The theme fashio bit connects to the new minute decorations, almost a "circuit board", with obvious references to orietali lines, ditallow tattoo. retro chiseled jewels, etc. The geometric laser cuts made on handmade prototypes are proposed on fabrics with applications and dèco finishes. This research connects to a new expressionism and neo-modern to the contemporary code.....A textile sculpture will be placed in the garden. You will see a face covered and wrapped in a tissue in laser cutting. A dress material rigid neoprene, helical shape, one can enjoy the entrance and allow you to connect some prototypes of sculpture shoes made by second classes. An elegant DRESS ATELIER project will propose a trail in laser cutting (handmade prototype) XCON applications and preziosismi retro. In the Aula Magna of the project "Urban dress code" September FW16 Milan. For the stairs and the second floor of Footwear internal competition designs for choice of five processed to be sent to the Announcement "Asia between myth and magic" Assocalzaturifici May 2017. On the second floor a dress sculpture skirt 8/4 cotton and silk ATELIER project. The collection "fashion jewelry" with examples of feather dusters and clothes coordinated AI 2017. The exposure of a TEXTILE DESIGN lamp made with the fabric proposed in the garden geometric laser cuts with the textile sculpture. On the second floor, almost an installation, you protrà view a "teaser trailer" complex Fashion Institute loop (video played repeatedly). A video teaser fashion to provoke curiosity about the history of the Institute and the projects realized with increasingly creative teaching staff. The teaser video is intended to be of interest to the recipient, even with elements nonsense, however, becomes also a way to remember and archive old projects. The students proposed a questionnaire on design Milan, events and history, with statisitci results and graphs. They remember well the Sixtieth of the birth of the Association ADI, Industrial Design Association, established in 1957



You can admire many Moodboard fashion research, materials and colors. Other projects: Alternanzalternativa inclusion developing an information blog with examples of e-learning platform for teaching; Italian Language, advertising and production - Music and culture from the nineteenth century to today - journalistic magazine "Creative artistic team STYLE" - Zero episode of a radio program "Radio Ma.Du.". Participation in the Competition Assocalzaturifici "Asia between myth and magic", realization of projects with riciclo4 shoe decorations. Choice of five processed. Technical project, materials analysis, trends, relationship marketing buzz. -------------------------------------- DS Emilia Ametrano, Associate Vicar DS Valeria Serraino, Officers seat: Annamaria Boz, Elisabetta Tamagnini, Roberto Pozzi. Cadet / communication: Vagliani Asia, Francesca Zerbi, Francesca Ponti. Instructors: Costantino Bettina, Marrocco Tina, Giulia Nervi Mirca Procopio, Milasi Angela, Stefanella Sposito, Aleo Lucrezia, Barbara Tonelli, Fiore Antonio Maria, Francesca Orabona, Stefania Baldassarre, Lucia Stanovska, Lorenza Prina, Piliego Francesca. Engineers: Anna Occhinero, Silvia Magatti. Persoale ATA Luigina Di Chio, Ornella Pezzoni. Class IH, IIH, IIIH, IIG, IVH, VG.

I.I.S. "Marelli Dudovich" Milano


Stefania Baldassarre
Antonio Maria Fiore
Tina Marrocco
Angela Milasi
Mirca Nervi
Giulia Procopio
Stefanella Sposito


Istituto Istruzione Superiore "Marelli Dudovich" Milano - plesso MODA produzioni tessili sartoriali.

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Exhibition - The local schools and innovation regarding the new decree for the professional and for the handicraft revival in our country. The theme fashio bit connects to the new minute decorations, almost a
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