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Palazzo Cusani
Via Brera, 15

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April 2017

For Studio Svetti Architecture white is #socialwhite

#socialwhite  is the name of the project created by architect Emanuele Svetti of Studio Svetti Architecture for White on White at Palazzo Cusani, part of the White in the City event.

“Social” since white, as seen by Svetti, is the precious amalgam that, in its purity and its substantial magnetic impartiality, unites everything, becoming a magnet for a new kind of socialization.

And so, to socialization the installation located on the main floor of Palazzo Cusani is dedicated. At first sight, it reminds one of a “cloud”, a stratified nimbus of various shades of white on the walls, floor and ceiling: it is a kaleidoscopic white camouflage within which man, the "social being", can lead a contemporary and sustainable life, which places community and sharing at the center of his experience.

Everything about #socialwhite facilitates interaction, on multiple levels. The “social island”, right in the middle of the hall, hosts the chairs designed by Studio Svetti offering relaxation and comfort, but also the materiality of surfaces on which one can work to create new signs and designs.

On the big back wall, videos, images, writing, signs are projected: all elements that the visitor is invited to comment on, modify or reinvent, leaving his or her own mark with the special pens provided. Every word and every mark will be additional motivation to socialize and interact on the wide 15 sq. mt. “social wall”. In the evening, “flash images” will tell the story of that day’s contributions.

On the opposite wall, a special hi-tech station, a kind of screen functioning as a mirror allows visitors to take photos of themselves: it’s an enormous “social selfie” which can be immediately posted on Twitter or sent by e-mail so that the images can shared on one’s own account.

Along the other walls are rolling waves of numerous shades of white, selected from the textures and nuances of the endless palette of OIKOS whites.

To favor encounters and open new communication channels, in the #socialwhite hall, ça va sans dire, Wi-Fi is available to all visitors who wish to connect, post images and video; it is the place to enjoy the wellness that comes from sharing experiences in a location that welcomes and, thanks to the modularity of the light, gives the ability to discern changes in white just as only the human eye is capable of doing.

Man, or rather “man at the center” is the fulcrum of Emanuele Svetti’s ideas. He is heir to the tradition of his region Tuscany, where the sense of beauty was born and exalted by the union of nature with man’s own creations.

#socialwhite is created in collaboration with important companies that have lent their support, each with a product or system of products.

Oikos, Fabbri Services, C&C Italia, Graziella Smarth Technology, NEW BIMAR arredo contract, Radici Pietro Industries & Brands, Space Cannon, Vescom

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Presentation - Opening event White in the City
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