N.o.w. Edizioni @ Nhow HOTEL


Nhow Hotel
Via Tortona, 35

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April 2017

During the Milan Design Week 2017 N.O.W. Edizioni will be a the Nhow Hotel, in Via Tortona 35, presenting two unexpected new products, two collections that break out the usual patterns: under Pietro Gaeta’s art direction, the collections “Petals from Tokyo” by Sergio Maria Calatroni and “Atelier”, by Anna Gili, Maria Christina Hamel and Pietro Gaeta.

“Petals from Tokyo” is the collection, essentially composed by photographs of petals, resulting from a personal research on beauty, carried out by the brilliant architect and designer Sergio Calatronioni.

“Atelier” instead is the colection of arteworks that hold the uniqueness and alloure of the extraordinary match of the different creativities expressed by three relevant international designers: Anna Gili, Maria Christina Hamel and Pietro Gaeta.

4 Tuesday
15:00 - 18:00
Press preview
5 Wednesday
6 Thursday
7 Friday
8 Saturday
9 Sunday
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