#HomeSmartHome: Samsung celebrates the home of the future: the renewed Smart Home


Samsung Smart Arena
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April 2017

Samsung is also celebrating the “Home of the Future”, the renewed Smart Home, with #HomeSmartHome, a rich schedule of events staged together with Edizioni Zero that will enliven the evenings at Fuorisalone in the Samsung District from April 5-7 to be enjoyed in relaxation and all the inviting atmosphere of “home”, on the sofa, amidst the other comforts of Smart Home, the Samsung’s technological home of the future, that will host themed-evenings dedicated to cinema, music, food, and more. Worthy of special notice are the talk on cinema by Fortunato Cerlino, the famous actor in the film “Gomorra”, and the other talks by Fabio Guglione and Fabio Resinaro, or the talk on show business given by Matteo Corradini and Luca Vecchi of the hugely popular “The Pills”. Cooking enthusiasts will not want to miss the showcooking with Valerio Braschi and Gloria Enrico, the top two ranking cooks at the last edition of Masterchef. The evenings with Marianne Mirage and LIM will bring joy to the hearts of music lovers.


The complete #HomeSmartHome program is provided below:


Wednesday, April 5:


18.00 –19.30, talk on cinema with Fortunato Cerlino

18.30 – 20.30, show cooking with Valerio Braschi & Gloria Enrico

20.30 – 21.30, live concert by LIM



Thursday, April 6:


18.00 –19.00, talk on show business, The Pills · Matteo Corradini & Luca Vecchi

18.30 – 20.30, show cooking with Valerio Braschi & Gloria Enrico

19.30 – 20.15, talk on cinema with Fabio Guaglione & Fabio Resinaro

20.30 – 21.20, live concert by Mirianne Mirage



Friday, April 7:


18.00 – 19.00, meet the chef Valerio Braschi & Gloria Enrico

20.00 – 21.0, open bar with Maurizio Stocchetto

20.15 – 21.20, live concert by Plaid + Bruno Zamborlin


4 Tuesday
00:00 - 23:30
5 Wednesday
18:00 - 21:30
6 Thursday
18:00 - 21:30
7 Friday
18:00 - 21:30
8 Saturday
9 Sunday
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