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April 2017

Leather Design Night | La Martina partners with Enrico Pellizzoni

Please, take a seat.


During the Milan Design Week, LA MARTINA will host Enrico Pellizzoni and the French-Italian designer Stefano Bigi in the boutique in Pietro Verri, at the very heart of Milan Fashion District.


Leather and hide: these are the origins of Enrico Pellizzoni, a family company at its third generation delivering Italian design and craftsmanship all over the world.


Argentina is where La Martina has sunk its roots. The Maison has been the globally recognized brand for the production of Polo technical equipment for over thirty years, as well as ambassador of its etiquette, embracing the values of the Sport of Kings: discipline, tradition and integrity are the keywords better describing La Martina. In the wake of the passion for polo, the brand is today synonymous of an authentic style recalling the elegance of those who live travelling from a polo ground to the other, from a clubhouse to the other, from country to country, always returning home enriched by a new emotion.


Modernity and tradition flow together in the Frenchkiss series: a collection of advanced chairs and stools, designed with technical competence and developed with high quality materials, processed by skilled hands. Italian design, French inspiration and global flair are perfectly merged when Frenchkiss meets the Rendez-vous collection of tables.


Enrico Pellizzoni chairs and tables designed by Stefano Bigi will be showcased at La Martina showroom during the whole Milan Design Week. A special event will be held on April 5th from 7:30 pm.

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Enrico Pellizzoni
La Martina


Stefano Bigi


Laura: marketing@enricopellizzoni.com, 347 2518642

Adriano: adriano@lamartina.eu, 348 3358583

4 Tuesday
5 Wednesday
19:30 - 21:00
Party / cocktail - Leather Design Night | presentation of the collection of chairs and sools Frenchkiss, design Stefano Bigi for Enrico Pellizzoni
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9 Sunday
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