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Superstudio Più | SuperDesign Show
via Tortona, 27

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April 2017

Materials Village, the hub of Material ConneXion Italy dedicated to materials, new technologies and sustainability, returns to Superdesign Show with a fourth full new edition

The event, designed to create a dialogue between companies from different sectors around the theme of innovation, will have a more attractive set-up format, green and full of special meetings and will occupy an increasingly larger space.

Important news of this year is the exhibition-event “New Materials for a Smart City” that will give visitors an overview of the Design Week in Milan on material frontiers of innovation for the creation of smart cities. Divided into thematic areas, it will show useful technologies and materials to improve the functioning of the city and the lives of its inhabitants.

Moreover, at the entrance of Superstudio Più, the installation by Studio Patricia Urquiola for 3M, about the importance to preserve memories for the future through the combination of architecture, design and the magic of materials.


Exhibitors at Materials Village 2017: 3M, Oltremateria, Caldobenessere, IPM Italia, Novacolor, Elitis, Gerflor, IBM Italia, Fukuoka Weaving – Morito Co.LTD, Naturtex, Tile Skin, XL EXTRALIGHT, Askoll Holding, Adapta Color, Decolan, I-MESH, Leather’s Stylists, Sharing Cities – Comune di Milano – Direzione Economia Urbana e Lavoro, Toshiba Materials CO.LTD, Veolia Water Technologies, A2A Smart City, Cefriel – Politecnico di Milano, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, Siemens, Teicos UE, Trash-2-Cash, Pelma, Directa Plus, Stone Italiana, Opendot, WASP.

Sponsor: IPM Italia, Biohabitat, Latifolia Group, Ta Li, Sofa Soft, Pantone, Solar View, Muoversi con Gusto.


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