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Wednesday 14 April 2010 | 07:27

Here it is.... the much-anticipated morning of the 49th edition of the Salone Del Mobile!

 As usual the chaos surrounding the event started days before and it’s been a herculean task to make ones way through the streets of Via Savona or Via Tortona, with thousands of people struggling to wrap up their installations in time for the press previews and openings. On the contrary, the few previews that I visited yesterday gave me the impression that this was going to be a rather subdued edition as compared to the previous ones, as designers and manufacturers seem to have pruned their budgets and thereby present fewer new products in comparison to the ‘more the better’ attitude that usually exists through the week.  Well, that’s not necessarily a negative, as long as the few products live up to the expectations that the design stalwarts have created for themselves over the years with their brilliant displays. Interestingly, the number of exhibitors at Rho seem to have fallen too, there being just 2,499, compared with 2,723 last year. But undoubtedly the ‘mood’ of Salone is no different, and that will be testified by anyone who was in Pt. Genova last night – enjoying the street installations, the free aperitivos, tons of happy, excited students or simply taking a walk in the crowd! Oh no, not all is positive.... the transport systems have started acting up ( I waited 40 minutes for the tram last evening!)... and this is only the beginning!!!

Having said that, there’s something about the spirit of the week that doesn’t get you upset over these things! Yes, its super annoying for the locals who have no interest in design – understandably it’s annoying when millions of people descend on your city and disrupt your daily life; the bars that seemed like your personal space now requires reservation, the barman who wouldn’t stop chatting with you now barely salutes you as he has to serve others, the journey to office which took 10 minutes earlier is now more than an hour!! But for me, I love the fact that Milan is a ‘happy’ place for a week, especially after the dull, grey winter months. Every city needs some craziness, and Salone is where Milan gets its.

As far as the products are concerned, the one that I’m looking forward to seeing most is the  Memory Chair for Moroso by Tokujin Yoshioka, a Japanese designer, which is developed with a new fabric from recycled aluminum that changes shape whenever anyone sits on or touches it. It’s a new take on emotional connect and challenge, which I’m sure we’re going to see plenty of in the coming week. Also looking to make a big influence are the abstract issues such as social, environmental or humanitarian problems (and hopefully they won’t be banal displays as they sometimes have been in the past); and ofcourse the currently ruling trend of new-age digital technology. 

There is indeed a lot to look forward to, and a lot to learn from the abundant activities during the week; well, not for all, as some like Alice Rawsthorn (columnist for design and contemporary culture for the New York Times Magazine) have already dimissed Salone saying that “There won’t be anything special about most of the stuff that’s shown there. (It will be mediocre at best; a pointless waste of resources, at worst). Though there will be a few exceptions, and several hundred thousand people will flock to see them.” Well Alice, maybe there’s a reason why ‘several hundred thousand people’ will visit Salone..... maybe they are normal people who enjoy the simple pleasures of life.... maybe.....!


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