Don't you know where to go?
Would you like to follow a path?
Do you feel like a traveller without a destination?
Fuorisalone itineraries are tailored around your needs!

Different categories, different point of views has been has been connected in order to define various itineraries spawn around the city.
Recapito Milanese, an association that provides services for corporate communication, are organizing a series of events parallel to the Salone del Mobile di Milano. These intend to create synergies between the various exhibition spaces situated in the zone defined by Porta Genova, Via Savona and Via Tortona. see the route
LUCE E DESIGN and Lightweb srl - an association of consulting, projecting and design for the lighting sector – are together promoting the initiative PERCORSI di LUCE&DESIGN (Routes of Light&Design). The purpose is to put focus on events associated with the world of lighting. see the route
A map overlooking all the showrooms and other locations where the bathroom is the lead character, in all its shapes and colours. see the route
Rather than a route this is a story. Boiler, a magazine of contemporary art, makes urban observations and provides its visitors with alternative suggestions on how to “read” the city. visualizza il percorso
When a freepress gets in the latest outfit and digs deep into contemporary lifestyle, it can’t help but see the events and installations as scientific material for the research on style and new tendencies.
LE CINQUE GIORNATE DI MILANO (The five days of Milan)
(obsolete addresses for aesthetics-minded people)
from an idea by
Paolo Bocchi

see the route
The images, the film clips and the graphics are the tools of travel.
The interruption is the action that helps discover and live in all that surrounds us.

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