Clinique 5x5 design your beauty

5 days
5 tips
to care of your beauty

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Day 2 2x5
Day 3 3x5
Day 4 4x5
Day 5 5x5

Fuorisalone parties?

Book immediately your quick makeup
for a flawless look.

Please contact Clinique Space @ La Rinascente
Piazza Duomo - Milano
Tel. 028852367

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At La Rinascente Duomo Milan

The new Clinique Space at La Rinascente Duomo is an innovative environment testifying the dermatological DNA of the Brand, very modern, dedicated to consumers, where it is possibile to know how a great skin can be created.

It has been designed to offer a 5 stars service and to get in touch with a wide range of products. Different areas for any needs, from treatment to makeup, from individual consultation to product application in an intimate area; daily consultations and weeks dedicated to specific concerns allow a continuous connection with its customers and attract new consumers asking for great skin and their own makeup with allergy tested and 100% fragrance free products.

The Clinique Space is a relaxing and cushioning break in a very hectic city like Milan, where you can find the right boost of energy: a true beauty oasis where looking for suggestions and having advices by the Experts of the Skin.
During the meetings of Fuori Salone, Clinique invites you to know its new White Space, synonym of design and modernity, where you can ask for a quick makeup to be perfect at any appointment.

Fix your appointment at this number: 028852367.

Are you looking for a perfect beauty able to resist to 5 trekking days? Design your beauty with 5 suggestions by Clinique. Every day a beauty pill: the right products for any events and environments.

Day 1 1x5
Day 2 2x5
Day 3 3x5
Day 4 4x5
Day 5 5x5