...garbage is fashion...
LUXURY GARBAGE: luxus garbage

The world is a garbage bin. That’s it.
Garbage is everywhere: city garbage (garbage bins are higher in number than Italian VAT registrations), political garbage, economical garbage, technological garbage (our brand new mobile), moral garbage (…), fashion garbage (our wardrobes…), human garbage (the elderly, the third world, the poor, etc...) weather garbage (hurricanes, floods…), terroristic garbage…

Not even the shining sky above us is free from that.
Old satellite wrecks roam around through the space as they were open air dumping.
“Under the sun, it’s all garbage”, Qòelet would say nowadays.

We buy, we use, we throw away; and we do it in a rush, faster than an email, than Carl Lewis’ 100 meters, than a Ferrari’s piston.

Milan or London garbage has the same value as Burundi’s GDP, with US annual garbage business you could buy the Moon, maybe Mars.

Garbage is worth gold,
is gold,
whatever the kind.
Luxury Garbage is about this,
about what we all know.
In the meantime let’s enjoy Luxury Garbage.
Remember: every time you throw away garbage, differentiate yourself,
Not only for the differentiated garbage disposal,
…garbage is fashion…
use Luxury Garbage.


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