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When: from 01 January 1970
Location: Tortona 32
via tortona, 32

Published on: Tuesday 11 March
ST Rubinetterie – Fuori Salone 2008


Since 1969, year of its establishment, the Co. F.lli Saglio Trombone Srl has been embarking on different manufacturing business until they created, in 1998, the trade mark ST RUBINETTERIE.
Ability of interpreting the market tastes, being careful to choose the highest quality materials and to focus their attention on the study of details: these are the main grounds of the success of ST RUBINETTERIE, who has become in the last years synonymous of reliability.

ST Rubinetterie during the show “Fuori Salone” 2008 in Milan, is pleased to present in his show-room located in Via Tortona, 32 the event “BETWEEN DARKNESS AND WATER: THE LIGHT OF DESIGN”.
The background shows two main sceneries: darkness and light which, being crossed by water and its vibrations, lead us to the rediscovery of the power these primordial elements have on our mind. The flow of water as well as the flow of thoughts represent a sensory experience unifying the abstract concept of “soul” and the physical reality.

ST Rubinetterie, following his saying “looking at the future thanks to the solidity of a prestigious history to be renewed”, has chosen to be in 2008 the Academic Sponsor of High Standard training course for architects and designers, which are organized by POLI.design, Consortium of the University Politecnico di Milano and focused on qualifying fields such as Entertainment, Host and Retail.

The search carried out on the product and on its design is one of the main forces of ST Rubinetterie who, as new Academic Sponsor of the Experience Design course of POLI.design, will provide scholarships as well as their wide experience and technological know-how to people attending this specialisation. This proposal has been meant to support and stimulate the planners in a new vision of design for innovation of bathroom spaces.

Within the event “BETWEEN DARKNESS AND WATER: THE LIGHT OF DESIGN”, which will take place in Milan during the show “Fuori Salone” (16th-21st April), ST Rubinetterie will house in his attractive space in Via Tortona, 32 a multimedia exhibition of the projects and concepts planned by the emergent designers who have attended the High training course at POLI.design Politecnico di Milano (Campus Bovisa) focused on evolution fields: “BATHROOM DESIGN”- The project of private spaces in public venues, “NEW ENTERTAINMENT DESIGN”- The project of innovative night entertainment venues, “FOOD EXPERIENCE DESIGN” – Design of food retail, “PIZZA EXPERIENCE DESIGN” – The project of spaces and innovative pizza areas.

On Thursday, April 17th from 06.30 p.m. ST Rubinetterie will have a party for their own customers and on Sunday, April 19th from 06.30 p.m. they will be pleased to present the result preview of the course aimed at innovation in different fields. During the event teachers will be confronted with architects and designers who have attended the course and they’ll concentrate their attention on the evolution of bathroom spaces.

ST Rubinetterie hope this enterprise, together with the event “BETWEEN DARKNESS AND WATER: THE LIGHT OF DESIGN” could be warmly welcome and could be an opportunity of meeting between firm and young planners, testifying once more how the reality of design is nowadays for a young Company like ST Rubinetterie a true source of spurs for its future growth.

ST Rubinetterie and Modular FRAU Collection

The modular FRAU collection offers new perspectives for the space planning. The FRAU collection is composed of single modules for the whole bathroom area, which can be placed and combined according to everyone liking. Therefore it follows a total freedom of project both from the aesthetical and technical point of view. The result is an architectonic innovatory concept. The main point of the project is no more the single range or tap, but the surrounding space. On the ground of the arrangement of single spouts and controls, which are supplied separately, the bathroom can be redefined as a whole. In each part of the bathroom there can be different options. The FRAU collection gives total freedom to the bathroom planning and assures excellent results to the project. Since the beginning any customer request can be fully considered so that even the most practical solution can be combined with the most extreme architectural proposal. A large choice of items like concealed or deck mounting modules offers several possibilities to plan shower and bath areas which, in spite of their complex realization, can be harmonized and simplified in the implementation. Last but not least the collection includes a range of bathroom accessories to complete the interior decoration. The FRAU collection is characterized by the original shape of water controls: the one squared with a precious insert in different finish which adorns FRAU K line, the other more essential with joystick system for FRAU J line.
The FRAU collection, since its introduction, is a concept in constant development..

ST Rubinetterie and ICON Collection

The ICON collection is the result of a refined and sophisticated project which combines functionality and beauty for an exclusive and avant-garde bathroom. It is characterized by endless lines, essential and pure shapes emphasized by a strict geometrical handle which appreciates its stylishness and peculiarity. Its refinement and discretion make the habit of cleansing a direct experience with water. The ICON production offers a complete range of items to satisfy the different requirements in a bathroom: from the innovative model of the single-lever mixer for wash-basin to the more traditional but always peculiar version of the wash-basin 3 holes set and the most contemporary of the built-in one. The ICON

production includes also the wall mounted bath set, where handles, spout and hand-shower are placed on a single plate and a deck mounting set placed on a stainless steel box, suitable for free-standing baths. In this case the fixing parts underneath can be easily reached by removing the back side of the box. The ICON collection is available with the relevant accessories in the finishes chrome and brushed nickel.

ST Rubinetterie and PUZZLE Collection

Through PUZZLE Collection ST Rubinetterie introduces a programme of modular products for shower, which can be freely matched according to every personal taste and mood. It deals with single modules which are conceived like real objects of furniture and which allow a natural experience with water. Thanks to PUZZLE Collection having a shower will be an exciting experience!
PUZZLE Collection is composed by with EGO multi-function shower column and the new shower head VELVET. EGO and VELVET integrate the pure technical details of the bathroom area with people usual customs and actions. Combining to all ST Rubinetterie collections and matching themselves accordingly, these new products permit to enjoy your time and relax in a very pleasant and different way.
VELVET, new shower head in stainless steel with a powerful waterfall effect. Suitable for a refined and elegant bathroom it is a light shower which relaxes and revitalizes at the same time. With VELVET the body is closed in a water caress, awaking sweetly the vital energy.
As a result of a careful technical-building project, the multi-functional shower column EGO represents in one single product the union of more solutions ready to satisfy a perfect well-being. It interprets a new architectonic attitude in the research of harmony between spirit and soul. Synthesis of minimal and essential geometry EGO matches even the most difficult taste and can be fitted anywhere thanks to its easy external mounting system. The multi-functional shower column EGO “pampers” you through its different water systems: rain shower, waterfall, side spray jets and extractable hand-shower. The whole provided with thermostatic mixer which permits to regulate the temperature and to select the different shower systems. Available in stainless steel with mixer taps in chrome finish.

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