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Inside - The punk light collection
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When: from 16 April 2008 until 19 April 2008
Location: Brera30
via Brera, 30

Published on: Tuesday 08 April

Brera30, Milan
16 – 19 April 2008

Light expo.
Press day: 17 April, 17-22

Essential lines, linear spaces. Research in materials, selection of elements.
Design and technology melt together in an unique ambient, for a comfortable and refined living.

Since 1995, Inside designs, engineers and creates shape of lights expressing the style and today's living trends.

_creativity and originality in design.
_attention and care for details.
_curiosity and knowledge of materials application.
¬_synthesis of technology and beauty.

Those are the key elements of our path, form initial insight till the making of a high quality product.

This is the way our lamps are contributing to qualify and mark your places with unique stylish solutions.

For invitation card and press regsitration:
+ 39.349.6339803

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