ZonaTortona is a project of
Recapito Milanese.

is the most important milanese circuit "fuorisalone"

Now at his fourth edition, Zona Tortona can be considered the most intersting area of events taking place during the Salone Internazionale del Mobile of Milan. Located between Porta Genova, via Solari e via Tortona, Zona Tortona is becoming a very strong design developement pole.
This event is helping creating a concentration of culture design and creativity and is coordinated from Recapito Milanese: society that design services for businesses communication -mainly in the field of design-.

Lofts, design and photography studios, showrooms, creative labs, fashion atelier are turned into spaces for exibitions..Shops, bars and restaurant are welcoming the people who happens to be in the area.

Recapito Milanese is working to give unity to the communication -graphics, signals..- of the area, they are also organizing a network of services to make the visit to the area as stimulating and unique as possible. During this years they have been improving a service of transport to help the visitors going from the Furniture Fare to the town center to Zona Tortona. Free maps are given to the visitors and a clear and understandable system of signs is helping people to move from one location to another.

Constantly updated informations on the happenings and a detailed program of the events is available on the website www.zonatortona.it .
The past editions had confirmed the succes of this new formula: Zona Tortona, both for the national and international visibility, and for the interest given to the event from the people who work in this field. In fact, with their presence, they make this area a big event not to be missed during the week of furniture.

Recapito Milanese, in cooperation with the portal www.fuorisalone.it of StudioLabo, has created www.zonatortona.it that has as main purpuse to become the main datum point for both visitors and operators of Zona Tortona. During the week of furniture a special section about the events, with timetables and maps will be available on www.zonatortona.it/design .

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