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Schedule From 24-03-2005 to 24-03-2005
Where Milano - Bratislava - Praga



The competition is promoted by the cultural association black hole fucina nuovi universi of Milan (committed to promoting culture, design and every form of expression through the realization of events, the Italian-Slovakian Chamber of Commerce (an international non-governmental organization, founded on 24th November 1997 with the aim to support and develop business and economic relations between the Slovakian Republic and the Italian Republic) and Recapito Milanese (a service company for the communication, promotion and organization of projects and initiatives linked to design, like "Zona Tortona" an important "Fuori Salone" pole in Milan).
In collaboration with the Italian-Czech Chamber of Commerce, the Czech Design Centrum, the Slovakian Design Centrum, the City of Milan Council, and the European Community agency in Milan.

Who it is aimed at

Open to all designers, artists and architects resident in the Czech Republic or the Slovakian Republic with no restriction of age.


The "Salone Internazionale del Mobile" in Milan, first organized by "Cosmit" in 1961, has, over the years, become the most important international showcase for new trends in design and interior design. In parallel Milan hosts the "Fuori Salone", a project launched about 15 years ago by the magazine "Interni". The "Fuori Salone" is a showcase for emerging designers and new experimentation in state-of-the-art solutions. Bearing witness to the interest generated by this event is the media coverage, at international level, and the numerous visitors it attracts. The established importance of the "Salone" and the "Fuori Salone" and the knowledge that the expansion of the European Community to 25 members is a great opportunity for cultural, social and economic growth, inspired the decision to promote an international design competition open to the Czech and Slovakian Republics. The competition is open to all designers with no restriction of age who come from, or are resident, as students or on business, in these two Republics. The project includes the creation within "Zona Tortona", the most important "Fuori Salone" event, of both a workshop and a stand dedicated to the winners of the competition. The project aims not only to promote Czech and Slovakian architecture and design but also to support new creative networks through the diffusion of the culture behind the project.


The international design competition TRANSFURNITURE supports Czech and Slovakian creativity, offering an important opportunity of publicity within the international capital of design. TRANSFURNITURE supports the development of a European creative civilization. TRANSFURNITURE becomes an act of mutual care and attention.


For further informations:

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Telephone +39 02 89055217

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