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concorso design ReAL13

Schedule From 13-04-2005 to 18-04-2005

ReAl13 -Eating Anywhere
is a design competition promoted by the CiAl, Consorzio Imballaggi Alluminio (Aluminum Packing Consortium) to promote the responsible designing of objects made of recycled and recyclable aluminium. It invites designers and project engineers to rise to the challenge of this important material by spreading the philosophy of salvaging as a form of ecological culture and conscious participation in safeguarding the human environment.

ReAl13 -Eating Anywhere is a design competition projected and produced by Connexine, (a strategic communication agency). The competition foresee an event-exhibition that will be held in Milan from 13 - 18 April 2005 in the circuit of Milano Design Week (International Furniture Fair) in which the prototypes of the winning and other selected objects will be displayed. In addition, a targeted selection shall be published in the editorial summary of the entire operation.


The competition requests that participants design objects mainly made of recycled aluminium or projects that use aluminium as a material of strategic importance (an important component that is an innovative and indispensable function). The objects proposed must have a close relationship with food within a specific scenario of the theme Eating Anywhere. The adverb "anywhere" indicates situations that the designer must define. The possible settings can be indicated in two macro areas: the anywhere of daily life and the anywhere of emergencies. The former sees objects used in situations in which food is experienced daily but in settings that are less equipped than usual: events, catering, parties; or in the office, at school, on the beach; but also in airplanes, trains, cars. The second sees the objects used in some form of emergency, in extreme places or conditions: on the street, in jail, in hospital, in assisted living communities, in nomad or refugee camps, in first response or civil protection scenarios; but also during sports or travels: mountaineers while climbing, motorcyclists in the desert, skiers in the snow, etc.
The designer must single out a specific reference scenario (or more than one) within which to solve the problem of food nomadism.
The deadline for the projects is on Friday 28 January 2005.

The total prize money is € 10.000.

In the attached files  you’ll find further information needed (in double version: .doc and .pdf).
Thank you for your attention, I hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards,

Lele Villari


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