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The Official Point of View

Schedule From 19-04-2004 to 19-04-2004
Where Nelle migliori librerie
The Official Point of View - Milano Furniture Fair

Is the first book entirely dedicated to the Milan Furniture Fair, an international event that is the most important of its kind in the field of design.
It is the first visual diary to document the state of the art of design in its ever-widening connotation, telling the story behind the Fair itself, the Satellite Fair, the off-Fair and life in Milan during this extraordinary week.
The success of the 2002 edition has strengthened the project, ensuring that the new edition is even bigger, with more images and texts.

The 2003 edition will focus in detail on the theme of light and lighting.
The ample photo-documentary that will take place during the Milan Furniture Fair will explore products, stands ,projects, both emerging and renowned designers, presentations, special events, parties and indeed any occurrence or happening.
The 2003 edition will include a CD-ROM, a valuable instrument that can be used to increase the scope and depth of the documentation about the Furniture Fair.
The Official Point Of View CD-ROM will contain panoramic sequences of the installations and preparations - both inside and outside the Fair itself - that are the most representative of this design week.

The Official Point Of View - Milano Furniture Fair is an informative instrument both for those directly and indirectly involved in this field of work.
In the appendix of the book there will be detailed address information for manufacturing companies, designers, architects, showrooms and more.
Organised by Giulia Ber Tacchini, Paolo Calcagni, Lucio LuZo Lazzara, Riccardo Rinetti, with the support of Cosmit, edited by Enorme Film Arts and distributed worldwide by Actar.


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