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Tivoli Audio

Schedule From 14-04-2004 to 19-04-2004
Where Milano - Superstudio più
Address via tortona 27

Ruark introduced Tivoli Audio, commencing with the Model One Radio, to the UK in 2001.It was seized upon by the media, and audio press in particular, as one of the most exciting and innovative products to reach these shores. The groundbreaking technology allied to thoughtful styling was only part of the story. The sound quality from this modest compact enclosure was an absolute revelation to all who heard it, and It soon became apparent that this astonishing radio had captured the imagination of everyone.

Tivoli Audio was founded in Boston by Tom DeVesto and audio design legend Henry Kloss. Both Tom and Henry have been involved in the audio industry all their working lives, much of this time working together designing and marketing some of the most respected and succesful home entertainment products. Their last venture together included co-founding Cambridge SoundWorks (now owned by Creative Technology) a company well known for its audio and computer speaker systems.

Henry Kloss was an inspired and innovative designer. His talent and vision have yielded some of the best-selling products of their time. These include the creation of the first domestic large screen projection television and the production of the world's first one-piece music centre. Kloss didn't just invent music for the industry, many believed him to be a fundamental part of it. After leaving the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kloss took night classes at New York University and later teamed up with his then tutor, Edgar Villchur. In 1954 Kloss and Villchur founded Acoustic Research and manufactured the AR-1, the world's first acoustic-suspension loudspeaker system and probably the most important speaker design in the second half of the 20th century. Three years later Kloss left AR to found KLH, where he developed amongst other things the Model 8 Radio (the inspiration for today's Tivoli products) and the Model Eleven portable all-in-one system. He also developed and sold many highly respected loudspeaker systems under the KLH banner.

In the late 1960s Kloss went through one of his most prolific development periods when he formed the company Advent and developed one of the worlds first colour projection TV systems, the Advent Video Beam 1000. It was also under Advent that Kloss worked diligently on the pursuit of changing the compact cassette from a format suitable only for dictation, to a format capable of reproducing true high fidelity. In 1971, he introduced the world's first cassette deck with Dolby noise reduction, the Advent 201.

In the 1980's Henry, together with Tom DeVesto, formed Cambridge SoundWorks. Combining Henry's technical expertise with Tom's business acumen proved to be one of the most fruitful periods of Henry's life. The company went from strength to strength making loudspeakers and subwoofers for Hi-Fi and later computer use. In the late 90's Cambridge SoundWorks was acquired by Creative Labs who are still highly successful with this brand to this day. From Cambridge SoundWorks Henry could have retired a happy and wealthy man, but like most true inventors and entrepreneurs neither Henry nor Tom wanted to stand still. It was Tom's idea to design and produce a radio based on Henry's earlier KLH designs and so Tivoli Audio was born , one of the fastest growing names in audio history.

The KLH21

His products range from the first acoustic suspension speaker systems (which led the way to the high fidelity speakers we use today) to projection televisions, but his KLH and Advent FM radiosof the 1960s and 1970s head his list of personal favorites, in great part because he still hears from listeners who continue to take pleasure from them. Henry Kloss said, "My new radio is the culmination of more than 40 years of bringing music into people's homes via products they tend to keep and enjoy. While in no way intended as 'retro,' I like to think it harks back to a time when products were honestly, tastefully, and efficiently designed".

Henry Kloss - Designer of the Tivoli Model One RadioThe distinguished career of audio pioneer Henry Kloss (who sadly passed away in 2002) stretches back to a time when live FM broadcasting was the highest-quality program source available to the music lover. While renowned for many audio "firsts," it is his legendary radios of thirty and more years ago that are held in highest regard, and still used by thousands of musically-sensitive listeners today. The Tivoli Model One is the direct descendant of these classics, albeit employing up-todate technology.

Instead of using conventional tuner circuitry, the Model One uses a new, discrete-component FM tuner featuring a GaAs MES-FET mixer. This is a comparatively costly technology originally developed for applications such as cell phones and never before used in an FM radio. This device enables high sensitivity while simultaneously preventing the generation of spurious signals by strong local stations, all without elaborate AGC loops and patches typical of conventional tuners. The result is a radio that receives more stations, even in difficult locations, than many conventional receivers. The Model One was the first radio to adopt this technology.

From building speaker enclosures for fellow students in the early 1950s, to election to the Audio Hall of Fame, the Consumer Electronics Association Hall of Fame, and an Emmy Award in recognition of his contributions to the industry, Henry Kloss was truly a design legend.


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