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Reflecting Surfaces

Schedule From 14-04-2004 to 19-04-2004
Where Milano - Superstudio più
Address via tortona 27

This year, Fenizia-Design, a collection born as an experiment at the interior design studio, acquires new elements, including standard run products alongside unique pieces.

The mood has evolved, both in terms of the materials, ranging from the deep black of igneous stone to polished, reflecting surfaces, and in terms of shapes, ranging from organic to geometric, with sharp edges and multifaceted sides.

This process of evolution can be clearly appreciated in the lamp models displayed last year: their characteristic trait, clear Perspex, has become even more reflecting.

Thus, Blackline floor and ceiling lamps can be had with an all black shade crossed by a fuchsia-coloured line and in an optical version, with oriental-styled white & black decorations.

In its new table version, Line comes with a white base and a rich choice of colours for the "luminous" part.

The coloured mirror effect clothes the new Diamond seats fashioned after cut gemstones.

Sixty armchairs have been revisited: the basic model, produced in standard runs, can be restyled into a craftsmanlike piece by adding a special patchwork cover, with contrasting white and black decorations.

Spigolo tables change size and shape: they are proposed in different heights, square and rectangular, ideally suited for a contemporary relaxation area or an oriental-style dining zone.

Fenizia-Design also presents its collaboration with Segno, a company with long-standing experience in the field of lighting, that will be responsible for the production and distribution of the lamps.


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