Vanessa Monna

Vanessa Monna


Nikon D5100


If these ideas don’t work, don’t worry! I have more.

Hi guys! I’m Vanessa, designer and an idea-maker, a globe-trotter and a lover of Asian cultures. And of the music. And of astronomy too.

I’m a tireless open mind, red bull addicted (never trust people who sleep a lot). I frame inspirations and thoughts in few words or illustrations. I embrace the ordinary and the extraordinary and absorb them like a sponge. I have friends here and there in the world, known in the most different and odd ways. I love little plants, but I wouldn’t ever live in the countryside, I prefer cities. Milan is a city that makes me really excited: full of surprises, of unknown streets, of buildings that appear suddenly when you turn the corner.

I’m all these things and even more: for short, I’m a little rad and curious of the world and of its people.