Lorenzo Pennati

Lorenzo Pennati


Canon 1100D


I think being late to write this profile, so i don't think that you necessary know that i study study Graphic third year in Naba and deliver pizzas to pay for my cigarettes. however, now you know.
It may be intersting that i work as a photographer in various areas: evenings, a little bit of fooding and various small-scale events.
I have yet to find a professional way for a much less marketable and more complex context, namely reportage: This seemed to me an excellent opportunity to finalize this attitude.
about the pictures uploaded previously I can tell you that, so far are the most successful shots, as I photographed what I know deeply and to whom I have a vision built with time;
In this regard I believe that is the basis of photography, portraying what is known about using the machine for qualleo which is: A TOOL, not why you photograph.
Having said that I think it's time to say goodbye and hope to be chosen.
See you soon.

the Elephant on tiptoe.