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Alessandro Rota

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"E-reporter" (digital reporter)
Person with camera or mobile telephone who snaps pictures, captures glances and points of view on the events. A new professional figure who, by means of digital technologies, produces and shares information through multi-device platforms.

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Camera: nikon d80
sono uno studente di design, affascinato dalla fotografia, con la voglia di fare tante esperienze nuove. non si impara soltanto dai libri e fuorisalone è un'ottima occasione che non mi posso proprio perdere! le mie immagini parlano di me meglio di tante parole, o almeno lo spero, dunque date un'occhiata qui: www.flickr.com/bolleditrimix

i'm a student of design fascinated by photography and i love making many new experiences. i think that we can't learn only through books so fuorisalone is a great occasion that i can't miss! my pictures speak about me better than many words, altought i hope, so let's take a look here: www.flickr.com/bolleditrimix
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E.reporters Fuorisalone

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