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When: from 21 April 2009 until 27 April 2009
Location: Hotel Nhow
via Tortona, 35

Published on: Tuesday 14 April




All Begins Flat


Fuori Salone Event 2009

 April, 22-27

Nhow hotel - Milano


altreforme is the new design brand, arisen from the fifty-year expertise of Fontana Group in the aluminium manufacturing for automotive  industry, given to the contemporary design world.


This creative project takes shape thanks to Valentina Fontana who understands its potential as productive diversification of Fontana Group – family business established in 1956, devoted to engineering, die and metal body manufacturing for automotive industry.

The long expertise supported by the cooperation with the greatest automotive companies: Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Renault, VW, etc.  inspires   Valentina Fontana the new entrepreneurial project devoted to those who live the emotions and the magic of the automotive world very intensively and are now able to rediscover them in a different way, made up with technology, expertise and matter in new shapes …… altreforme.


Extremely light and shiny aluminium sheets, once devoted to the industrial world, revive in altreforme, giving life to big monolithic sculptures in highly limited editions.


The new and exclusive design shapes choose for the Fuori Salone Nhow Hotel in via Tortona. A surprising set enhances and lights up the “altre-forme” of these elegant works representing them in a creative way with a strong stage effect by Paul Cocksedge Studio.

More info
Sito http:// www.altreforme.com
Mail info@altreforme.com
Telefono +39 0341 638209

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