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When: from 21 April 2009 until 27 April 2009
Location: Palazzo dei giureconsulti
piazza dei mercanti

Published on: Friday 10 April

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Rio + Design

Palazzo Affari ai Giureconsulti

  Piazza Mercanti, 2 Milan, Italy

Opening cocktail party: Tuesday, April 21st, at 19:00

 (in honor of Brazilian Consul in Milan Luiz Henrique Pereira da Fonseca)

  Exposition: April 22sd to 27th, from 12 to 22:00

Launch of the book about the designer Indio da Costa: Friday, April 24th, at 19:00






Brazilian exuberance and modernity presented in 50 works of the most important designers of Rio de Janeiro all exposed during the Milan International Furniture Trade Show




An intelligent and seductive hydro massage tub, a lamp made of Jequitibá fruits, a furniture set created ad hoc for executives, a stool with a soft self-molding surface composed of cardboard tubes, freezers with various internal space sizes according to the customer’s demands, a golden ring which is a three-dimensional puzzle. So many other modernly, technologically advanced and original pieces.


During the Milan International Furniture Show 2009, the best of the carioca creativity disembarked in Milan for the RIO+DESIGN welcomed in a splendid scenario: the Palazzo Affari ai Giureconsulti, downtown, close to the Duomo. On exposition more than 50 works of 22 award-winning designers, among renowned masters and new talents. Promoted by the Office of Economical, Energy, Industry and Services Development of Rio de Janeiro (Sedeis), in collaboration with Sebrae/RJ, Milan Chamber of Commerce, Casa Shopping and TAM airlines, the event highlights the modernity and expressive force of one of the main emerging economies.


The Porch of Palazzo Affari will be filled with works the have received at least design prize such as the german the IF design and the American IDEA. The participating works belong to Sérgio Rodrigues, considered one of the forefathers of Brazilian furniture and creator of the world famous Mole chair, Guto Indio da Costa, whose studio projects compose a book that will be launched on April 24th, Antônio Bernardo, Mendes Hirth, Fred Gelly, Jaakko Tamela, Claudia Moreira Salles, Taciana de Abreu e Silva, Marcela Albuquerque, Carlos Simas, Marcos Oliva, thiago Maia, Carlos Alcantarino, Fernando Jaeger, Ângela Carvalho, TT Leal, Gilson Martins, Maria Helena Torres, Cirlei Santos, Mônica Carvalho, Eduardo Cronemberger and Diego Lage.


According to Dulce Ângela Procópio of the Office of Economical, Energy, Industry and Services Development of Rio de Janeiro (Sedeis), the carioca design is very appreciated international, however the organizers expect to reach much broader objectives such as the commercialization of carioca products in large scale. “Inspired by Milan, we want Rio to become an important design reference”, she adds. With this goal in mind 18 Argentinean executives have already scheduled a visit their neighbors.


                                                                                                                                                                                    Contact in Italy

Paula Acosta

Press Office

Direct phone: +39 333 160 7112



More info
Mail paula.acosta09@gmail.com
Telefono 333 160 7112

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