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Fuorisalone Mòbile Guide

Just three clicks away from the events of “Fuorisalone”. Around you, wherever you are, whenever you need them.

MODOMODO Modomdo is a software platform of Location Based Services (LBS) for mobile phones, enabling to easily create, distribute and access the information the user needs, in the place where (“Near”) and in the moment when (“Now”) the need arises.

modomodo Support

Fuorisalone.it gives you the possibility to access all the events of “fuorisalone” and other public utility services on your portable phone, in a “mobile guide” format which easy to use and can be exploited with just a few clicks

The innovation of 2009 comes from the introduction of the Location Based Services (LBS) which enrichen the portable phone with a compelling and unique experience of mobility, benefitting from the positioning capabilities of an integrated GPS receiver and/or from a simple input of a street address (“geocoding”).

In practical terms, all you need, if your phone is not equipped with a GPS receiver, is to enter the name of the street where you are, and Fuorisalone Mobile Guide will present you, sorted in ascending order of distance, all the Fuorisalone events falling within the area you specified, and, on request, will put them on a map indicating the best rout to reach them from your current position.

Over and above the events, the Mobile Guide gives you access to some other public utility services, like the nearest taxi stations, subway stations, open pharmacies, restaurants, etc. An additional service called “Mypeople” will let you create your personal list of friends and colleagues you may want to locate around you. All such services will remain available for you to use for an entire year from the moment you register to thye service!

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If you already are a modomodo user go directly to the login link

Fuorisalone Mobile Guide is a project from Studiolabo/Fuorisalone.it.
The location based services for mobile phones are operated by modomodo – the Location Based Services provider.

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Did you know that:

The Fuorisalone.it service powered by modomodo is free of charge and accessible from an application that you need to download on your device. The application will let you access the required information wherever you are and whenever you need them.

A few simple steps to install the application:

From a PC
From the Fuorisalone web page click on the Registration link
Enter the requested information and click on Next
From the following screen click on Subscribe
An SMS sent to your portable phone will tell you how to install the application

To access the service click on the modomodo icon you will find in the applications – or “installations” - area of your device (this may vary according to the brand of the phone)

Supported phones
Java 2ME MIDP 2.0 class for Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson
Windows mobile 6.X class for HTC, i-mate, LG, Motorola, Palm, Samsung, Toshiba
The services offered by modomodo are independent from the telephone operator. To access the services a connection to internet data (Web, WAP) from the telephone is required.

Connection costs are solely dependent on the rates specified in the contract you have established with your telephone operator.
Modomodo is optimized to minimize the traffic of data. As a rough estimate, 5 minutes of usage of the service generate around 50K of traffic.

* the cost of the SMS depend on the rates applied by your telephone operator. The cost of downloading a file dependends on the rates specified in the contract you have established with your telephone operator.

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