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When: from 16 April 2008 until 21 April 2008
Location: Studio blu
via Voghera 8

Published on: Friday 14 March
EGO² Ltd. is a wholesale company who serves the international retail and wholesale business for Indoor - Outdoor projects.

EGO² was founded by Erwin Vahlenkamp en Geert Van Acker, 2 young designers/professionals with strong individual ego's, hence, together they are EGO². Large enthusiasm and continuous creativity has lead to the development of this company, closely attached to the strong individual character of the designs they produce.

EGO², with it's designers Erwin and Geert, stands for quality, timeless design and character in planters, furniture and objects for Outdoor and Indoor use. The combination of years of experience with technical, visual and functional quality guarantees stylish, timeless and above all durable 'handmade' products. These are produced in exclusive production facilities throughout the world and composed of the best materials.

Through a strong stock position EGO² offers a large additional value for planning and realising projects. A creative team guarantees perfect organisation and logistics.

Materials used by EGO²


The process of using fibre-glass reinforced polyester is taken one step further by EGO². EGO² uses the FGRP-process in double-walled designs, finished in full, thus enabling it to use the item as individual decorative object as well. Countless finishes and colours make this product range almost infinitely large and custom-made designs, sizes and colours can be realised for customers and special projects.

The EGO² collection currently offers powerful black – white – red combinations in a polished glossy finish and timeless shapes in a soothing shade of grey.


One of the hardest kinds of wood in the world, already hundreds of years old and once used for traditional building and construction in South-America, is being recycled and finds new life in planters, furniture and other objects. Each item has a strong individual character, a powerful and robust exterior with a unique look.
The EGO² collection currently offers modern and classic design in planters and furniture in this hardwood with a rough sanded and lightly bleached exterior.


Leather in a way it has never been formed or used before. The chosen leather is a synthetic version lined with a thick, soft filling that, as a whole, is formed into a round tube. After that EGO² utilises the tube as weaving material and offers it as "Corded Leather". Large and small ovals form the bases of this unique series that is designed en developed by EGO² in a line of contemporary lounge furniture and seating elements. The ovals are constructed from powder coated metal, wrapped and softened with seating foam and finally plaited entirely with the "Corded Leather". The remaining metal feet are made from Stainless Steel.
The EGO² collection offers a design furniture piece of high value and unique design. The current range closely follows the black - white - red combinations that run through the entire EGO² collection.


Square forms and straight lines are the most prominent feature in the young and new Stainless Steel furniture and accessories collection that EGO² offers. Only the best quality steel of high grade is being used in producing tables, torches and special Custom Made items. Combinations with materials from other EGO² productgroups (eg. Recycled wood, foam etc.) reinforce the image and feeling of these designs. For special projects and on demand EGO² can offer items "Made to Measure".
The EGO² collection offers modern Stainless Steel table-frames with rustic wooden tops and torches with special storm- and weatherfast fuses. All models are specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor use.


EGO² uses precise lasercut polyurethane foamforms as a uniquely weatherfast and comfortable product. Coatings and foams in different densities are utilised in furniture and other decorative designs. A large variety of possibilities offer a large added value for both modern and classic materials. Special colours and forms are adapted to the wish and view of the customer.
De EGO² collection offers ‘made to measure' cushions for the recycled wood furniture and tiles and columns in special framefoam. Colours are applied according to customer request.


Due to the very high fastness to light, EGO² uses a fabric that can be used both inside as well as outside. The excellent abrasion resistance makes this fabric suitable for extremely demanding applications. This fabric is supplied in 18 modern colours.
EGO² uses this fabric for the production of contemporary lounge furniture and seating elements.
EGO² can offer items "Made to Measure".

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